Voyageurs National Park

By: Courtney Jenkins

Have you ever wanted to learn about a certain national park that's within the borders of the United States? Well now you can learn about a national park in Minnesota called Voyageurs National Park. Voyageurs National Park is on of the least known about, most beautiful, most interesting national park ever. Now do you want to learn about it? Well lets get to the facts so you can be amazed.

The Need to Knows

Here are some facts you might want to know. Voyageurs National park wasn’t always a national park. Back when Native Americans lived, the lakes were trading routes. The trails were where they hunted and where the animals lived. Over time, Ernest Orberholtzer founded Voyageurs and got it approved by congress in 1971 to become a national park. Over the time span of 4 years, Voyageurs was established into a national park for all to visit. Ernest didn’t do it all by himself though he got help from Tay-tah-pa-sway-wi-tong and, Skippy, his dog. This may sound titanic but Voyageurs is 341 miles. Well that is pretty capacious for a human to walk. Good thing some of the and is of limit to humans! Well anyway that’s all the basic facts that you need to know

If You Plan To Visit

If you plan to visit you will need to know the following. Voyageurs contains a few different challenges you can try. You can hike the trails, canoe on the lakes such as Rainy Lake, or you can look at some environment in the lakes maybe even skip stones in the creeks. There are 6 type of trees that grow in Voyageurs. One of them is fir followed by spruce, aspen, oak, maple, and paper birch. There are some environmental factors. They include natural fires, high wind speeds, pollution, and non-native species. Voyageurs is located in the northeastern part of Minnesota. Therefore it is colder than some places. Now you might want to know what animals live in Voyageurs. About 240 species call Voyageurs their home. Some examples are deer, moose, beavers, wolves, coyotes, many species of birds, and other animals that like to be around water. These facts will prepare you for your visit to Voyageurs.


Now we are going to deal with the interesting facts that set Voyageurs aside from other national parks. Voyageurs got its name from the people that were called voyageurs, french for travelers. Voyageurs has evidence of over10,000 years of human life just in the park. There is a lot of water in Voyageurs, in fact the trails are surrounded by lakes. The top most commodious are Rainy Lake and Kabetogama Lake which connect to Canada. Over 40% of the national park is water! There are some artifact in Voyageurs. There just isn’t that much and I really don’t know what artifacts you may find. Now for the coolest part that sets Voyageurs aside from other national parks…the landscaping was developed by earthquakes. Over all Voyageurs is just amazing and unique!

Time for a Little Myth

A long, long time ago there was a little pond, named him Jorge, he was a very, very emotional little pond. He was also very tiny about 10 feet in circumference and sadly he got bullied because he was very small. Day after day he would cry because his self-esteem was going down about himself. People started calling him Rainy because of all the crying he did that looked like rain and was thought to someday rain on all the others. Jorge gradually grew in size and in confidence. After four years he had grown up enough that he realized that the only one that could actually hurt him was himself. Now at this point his size was larger than the bully that bullied him, yet he didn’t bully anyone he decided to encourage people. After Jorge stopped growing he ended up the largest out of all he knew.

And that is how Rainy, also known as Jorge became a lake.


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