Building Going Under Construction!

Front Entrance, Main Office and Nurse's Office has Changed

Blackhurst Renovation

Blackhurst Elementary is going under some major renovation throughout the rest of the year. The transformation is going to increase the safety and security at Blackhurst Elementary, and also create more space.

Starting on Monday, October 15th the main entrance into the building will no longer be in the front, but will be in the back of the building by the circle drive. The buzz in system on the door that was previously located in the front is now in the back of the building. The old front doors will no longer have a buzz in system and will not be used to enter the building. The previous main office, nurse's office and part of the library will be zoned off and unusable for the remainder of the year. The new main office will be in room 107 which is the first room on the right when you come in the new main entrance off of circle drive. The nurse's office will be located in the back corner of the library.

Please do not drop your child off at the front of the building because they will not be able to get in that way. This is temporary and we appreciate everyone's flexibility and understanding. Beginning with the end in mind we are excited about what this is going to look like once it's finished.