Ethos Examples

Erin Folk

"4 out of 5 veterinarians recommend this brand of pet food."

Ethos is exemplified in this sentence by saying "4 out of 5 veterinarians recommend this brand of pet food." People are going to believe a vet if they give their opinion on pet food, because they are trusted to provide the best care for animals.
Man Aides A Pedestrian Who Has Fallen On Sidewalk | What Would You Do? | WWYD | ABC News

WWYD Episode

In class, we watched an episode of "What Would You Do?", a television series airing on ABC. From this episode, we continuously saw examples of ethos. For example, at one point, the series brought in experts such as social physiologists to analyze the results of the experiment. This builds ethos by building up the credibility of the show.

"Dr. Smith is a world-renowned doctor and recommends this medicine."

By saying the doctor is "world-renowned", it encourages people to buy the medicine. This confirms the credibility of the doctor in the eyes of the viewer, which is building the use of Ethos.
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Michael Jordan Gatorade Example

By using a legendary and credible athlete to endorse their brand, they are building up the use of Ethos. "One should buy this product because Michael Jordan consumes it."
Colgate Dentist DRTV

Colgate Dentist Example

In this example, a dentist is giving his opinion on the Colgate toothpaste and saying he recommends it. This represents the use of Ethos because he is a credible, figure of authority and is qualified to recommend the product.