Andrew Jackson- a hero

Hero or Zero?

He was the common man

Andrew Jackson was liked by the people because he was like them, he didn't come from a rich and wealthy class. Everything that he wanted, he had to work for, his education status and job as a lawyer. He came from humble beginnings so that helped win people over.

The killing of the National Bank

Andrew Jackson hated the national bank. He felt that it was corrupt and unfair, he believed that the bank only loaned money to the rich, and neglected the working class. So, Jackson made it his mission to shut down the national bank- he was successful. Due to the loss of the national bank more state banks were opened, therefore flowing more money to the working class.

There were some rough patches..

Jackson was the cause of the trail of tears; the relocating of 5 Native American tribes by marching them to Oklahoma. Many lives were lost. Jackson was often referred to as "King Jackson" because he used his power like a tyrant, he used the "veto" more times than any other president. Although he took advantage of his power he still made many decisions that benefited our country.