The Federal Reserve

By: Carly Rivest

The Fed

Purpose: The main goal of The Fed is to stabilize the government.

Regulation: The Fed regulates the nations money supply through the FOMC or the Federal Open Market Comittee.

Supervision: The Fed supervises the banks by setting limits on loans, approving bank merges, and examin bank managers.

District Banks & Loctaions: There are 12 district banks and they are located in the picture below.

1. Boston, MA

2. New York, NY

3. Philadelphia, PE

4. Cleveland, OH

5. Richmond, VA

6. Atlanta, Georgia

7. Chicago, IL

8. St. Louis, MZ

9. Minneapolis, MN

10. Kansas City, MZ

11. Dallas, TX

12. San Francisco, CA

Board Of Governors

Purpose: The purpose of the Board of Governors is to regulates the moneys gold and money supply.

The Board of Governors is located in Washington D.C.


The main function of the FOMC is to regulate the amount of money and credits in the economy.

Bureau of Engraving and Printing

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing prints the paper money for the Reserve Banks in the United States. They print over one billion notes a year. The Bureau does NOT produce coins for the United States.

The U.S. Mint

The U. S Mint is responsible for producing the coins for the United States. The coins are produced in Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco, West Point, and Fort Knox. Fort Knox doesn't produce coins tho instead they hold the nations gold supply.