BAIS High School 2020

Your Chance to Earn a U.S. High School Diploma in Banjul!

Banjul American International School

Trusted for over 35 years to deliver an international standard of education to international resident families and local Gambian families; BAIS offers:

  • Excellent teachers;
  • Highly engaged students;
  • Unparalleled quality of education;
  • A down-to-earth school community;
  • Individualized support for every learner;
  • A caring, supportive environment that prizes diversity;
  • Development of critical thinkers and engaged global citizens;
    • An internationally relevant curriculum founded on U.S. standards;
    • Connection to the best international schools across Africa and the world;
    • A holistic program of academics, service learning, arts, sports and technology;
    • Students prepared to transition successfully from The Gambia to schools abroad;
    • And, now, a high school program preparing students for universities around the world!

    Join the Class of 2024!

    Campus is Closed but Admission is Open!

    We are accepting applications for all grades for 2020-21 and our parents can attest that our courses are engaging and rigorous to be sure our students are prepared for the next grade level. The Corona Virus pandemic has us staying safe at home and the same rigorous learning continues at BAIS through Zoom video conferencing and online learning platforms -- Pre-Kindergarten through High School.

    Our first cohort of students is set to begin their studies in Grade 9 on September 1, 2020.

    Seats are limited to join this cohort; apply today!

    Application & Admissions Information

    Click here to access information and forms.

    High School 2020-21: Fees

    BAIS High School will graduate its first class in 2024. This 'Class of 2024' will begin high school this fall in Grade 9. The following tuition rates for Self-Paying families will apply.

    Annual Fees

    • Tuition - $5,500 per annum
    • Technology Fee - $500 per annum
    • Returning Student Fee (paid at end of year for following year) - $100-$200 per annum depending on date paid

    One-time Fees

    • Application Fee - $200
    • Development Fee - $4,350 per student

    Field Trips and lunches may entail individual fees.

    BAIS Fees 2020-21

    Click here for details on all fees for all grades.

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    BAIS Students - Inspired to Learn

    The most common comment visitors to our classrooms make is how engaged BAIS students are. As a student from another school put it, "It is so different here; everybody is always trying to learn!"

    More than simply learning, we push our students to read critically, to think creatively about multiple perspectives and solutions to any problem and to express their ideas clearly in writing, music, art and through technology.

    Our standards are clear and the units developed by our teachers to help students meet those standards are designed to be thought-provoking and to capture the imaginations of our learners. Click below for more information.

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    Let Your Passion for Learning Show!

    Click here to learn about our curriculum.

    U.S. High School Diploma and Universities Worldwide

    "Entrance to UK universities is also available to students in American high school programs. Generally, UK unis look at SATs and SAT Subject tests or ACTs and expect at least three Advanced Placement courses."

    Come Channel Your Creativity in the Arts!

    At BAIS, we believe in a holistic education of academics, arts, sports, research and technology. We know that humans are multi-faceted and benefit from exposure and development of skills in all subject areas. This might look like photography, film-making, playing music or makerspace creating as much as math calculations or writing.

    The arts at BAIS include art and music, with dance, poetry and drama added into English and PE classes and the annual musical in which every student performs. Come learn to express yourself and to appreciate the voices of those around you.

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    Stop-Motion Animation Film

    Click here to enjoy a sample of a grade 3 stop-motion animation project

    Banjul American International School

    Empowering enthusiastic, creative, critical thinkers and lifelong learners for more than 35 years.

    BAIS is a Caring Community of Learners -- from small to tall!

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    Come Join the BAIS Family!

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