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The importance of URL for SEO

One of the mistakes most commonly seen when you put up a website to promote products and/or services, is not paying attention to the URL, so as real estate SEO expert we usually find links full of symbols and characters that prevent the identification of the content that reference and make it very difficult to promote them on social networks. Only this description, we realize that a good structure and composition of URLs is essential for a project on the Internet, as if neglected damage to the brand awareness occurs, hinders the establishment of the social fabric to which the viral spread of content and ultimately harm the SEO.

To optimize the URLs for SEO so that they become allies of their brand and contribute positively to its positioning, First Page recommend to consider these 10 simple steps to follow when building an efficient URL. Content: The URL aims to inform search engines about the content of the page. It is for this reason that the more clear, clean, coherent and short is, the easier it will be crawling robots for search engines. Shorten URL: Currently there are tools to help you achieve the short link URL; an essential action now, not only the search engines more easily identify URL's short, but they are easier to spread by social networks, which substantially improves the positioning and is not limited to a certain number of characters If it is Twitter.

Titles consistent and simple: common sense prevail again in this section. None of the words that make up our everyday language integrates symbols and characters in its creation is more, personally, URLs created from!? ° [N & ***? us back to the comics and put us to the onomatopoeia of a dirty word, so somewhere in the brain insurance, rejection occurs in this type of compositions. Avoid the numbers: In line with the above, to humans is easier to remember trends-of-marketing-mkt1233 2011 that describe the content, the more succinct but descriptive, the better, for example look the URL of our website Keywords: It is true that in the construction of the URL, keywords exert a decisive role. Depends on the creativity and professionalism of who performs the work of content development, integrate consistent and brief information on the use of keywords is perfectly integrated into the message that is intended to convey.

The more concise better: If we know that is redundant but it is not, words or characters equals greater number of folders, which reduces the possibility of capturing the attention of search engines. Separate information hyphenated URL: The URL should be built on optimal terms; eg investment-marketing-2011-social-networks. This is the most efficient way while it is common to find URL's built underscores. Efficient conventions: Do not change the strategy, once it has established guidelines URL, do not change, remember that people are "creatures of habit". Lowercase and without accents: The URL must be written in lowercase letters and avoiding stress. Remember the impact on the optimization: Note that the URL is one of the variables necessary management by any SEO consultant, the relevance of the URL in the web positioning is such that repeated failures to construction, they can be not enough to achieve it.

Try these simple tips and you'll see its contents indexing by search engines and traffic to your Website significantly improves.

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