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March 16 2020


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Message from Mrs. Cicco

This has been a few difficult days. I have been trying to wrap my head around everything. As soon as I feel things are settling in, more changes are occuring.

On Thursday, our governor made the decision to close schools. We didn't have a lot of time to say goodbye to our kids, make sure they had their things etc. Our staff has been working diligently to prepare to meet the needs of our kids during this time. Teachers will be reaching out to families to share how they can be reached, what their expectations for assignments will be etc.

Please know we are a bit nervous, sad, and worried about not being with your children over the next few weeks.

We know that many families may use this time for some extra fun and time together. However, we will worry about what some of our students will be doing and if they are safe. We will be wondering if all our students are eating and if they are keeping busy with kid issues, not adult issues. We will be sad not to see their smiling faces in the morning and not to get their high fives & hugs in the afternoon.

We have no doubt that many of the students will be sad also and may miss their teachers and friends over our time apart. This is a once in a lifetime event and we will all continue to do the best we can with the information we have. Please know that we are providing tools to help your child continue learning during this time.

4th graders - your recorders will be at the school ready to pick up. 😳😂

We will see you soon ❤️❤️

If anyone needs anything, I can be reached by email at After Wednesday, I will not be in the office regularly, as I will be working remotely for the health and safety of everyone.

Cristin Cicco

Interesting thoughts on how to manage this new adventure.

As we navigate through social distancing and educating our kids from home, please remember they are kids. I read an article about a mother's reflection after 911. She had many valid points.

Here were some of her thoughts, that I never thought about until I read this.

1- We leave the news on way to much and talk about adult subjects in front of kids way too much, causing anxiety and fear that will come out later in life. Turn off the TV and talk about these things when they are not around. When you do talk about this in front of them, use terms and words that they understand and in a way that doesn't strike fear. Their brains are not equipped yet to handle these tough subjects.

2- Embrace the next few weeks with joy, positive attitudes and make memories you can look back on in years to come! Monopoly tournaments, Uno contests, chess, 500 Rummy or increase to 5000 Rummy that lasts for days. Go for hikes, do puzzles together, learn new recipes and cook together, don't be afraid to embrace new challenges together! Make scrapbooks of the past, read chapter books together! Treasure this time

3- Encourage kids to document this time. My grandma would be 118 years old, she was born in 1907, she kept a journal everyday from the age of 14. WOW it has been amazing to go back and read. Write in journals, draw, do a picture book with daily photo's. This will be a time they never forget.

4- Talk to them about how they are feeling, hug them and acknowledge this is uncharted territory.

5- Hug them

6 - Watch movies together

7- Plan future adventures together

8- Most importantly ~ Treasure these moments and let them know you want to spend time with them.

Daily Schedule while at home

Here is a link to a suggested schedule. I know I am a person who likes routine and structure. This has been helpful with my own two children. Hopefully you find it helpful.
Big picture

Student Learning and collecting belongings

On Wednesday we will open our school up for students to collect items out of their lockers and pick up instructional materials. If students are able to access learning materials online we are going to ask that you follow the guidelines your child's teacher provides.

Our teachers are going to be communicating with families by Dojo, Remind, email, video conferencing, phone calls etc. Please look for more information from them by the end of the day on Tuesday.

Our district's main webpage will have a link to click, that will help guide you to your child's work.

We have set a schedule for students to access the building so we can try to effectively practice social distincing.

Please try to follow the schedule below.

Wednesday Material Pick Up and Collect personal items. Click this link for an easier view.

Kindergarten & 5th graders and PreSchool

9:00 - 10:00

3rd & 6th grades

10:15 - 11:15

1st & 7th grades

11:30 - 12:30

2nd & 4th grades

12:45 - 1:45

  • Student in Kindergarten to 3rd grade report to the school through the Blue Doors to pick up packets in the cafeteria

  • PreSchool please use the white doors and come to the cafeteria.

  • 4th-7th grades report to the school through the Gold Doors, packet pickups in the main lobby by the office

  • If you have kids in multiple grade levels, if possible arrive with the oldest child’s pick up time and door.

The high school also has a schedule.

Talking to your kids.

Great article on talking with your children about the coronavirus.

Click here.

PTA News and Updates

Yankee Candle Sale

We will not be following through with this fundraiser in the school setting. However the online ordering and home delivery is still an option. Online orders can be placed until July 8th. If you have already collected orders and money, you can 1) return the orders and money to the person 2) convert it to an online order. If you need more information or have questions, email Mrs. Cicco and she will try to point you in the right direction.

Contacting Brooklyn School Personnel

Attendance Line ~ (216) 485-8171

  • When reporting your child off, please include: first and last name of the child, grade, reason for absence, who is reporting the child off and a number you can be reached.

Mrs. Cristin Cicco ~ Principal

(216) 485-8177

Ms. Lara Smith ~ Assistant Principal

(216) 485-8178

Mrs. Annie Bir ~ Guidance Counselor (Grades 4-7)

(216) 485-8128

Mrs. Denise Smith ~ Guidance Counselor (Grades PK-3)

(216) 485 - 8173

Mrs. Laura Paul ~ Brooklyn School Secretary

(216) 485-8176