HPS Tech News 2013 (No 7)



This 'Tech News' edition will focus on all ICT projects published in Term 3 on our Intranet and shared on our blogs and school website. Enjoy the selection of work below and we hope there is a digital/multimodal text here that will inspire you for your next ICT project. All this work can also be found on the 'Students' Work' page of our school website. Hope you like the new beach theme as we head off on holidays very soon!


KB as part of their unit 'Me', studied their facial features, in particular their eye and hair colour and looking at the differences between each other. The 'MixBooth' iPad app was used and students chose a friend with different coloured hair and their features were mixed together using the app. Their new pics were put together in an iMovie to share. Vimeo was used to share the final product.
This is Me . . . Or Is It?
Continuing with the 'Me' them, KB visited the 'Build Your Wild Self' website and had fun going wild! They chose the features of their face and body parts to reveal their 'wild self'. These were also put together in an iMovie to share. Vimeo was used to share the final product.
KB Goes Wild!
KB also wrote about how old they are, when their birthday is and what they do to celebrate their birthday. They drew an accompanying picture and they were recorded using the Educreations app on the iPad. One of the students' is listed individually below so you can check out the Educreation itself. Then they are all shared below using Blendspace (more about Blendspace later).

Please also check out KB's class blog to see what else they have been up to this term.

Every Friday morning Kindergarten students participate in sport. Students from KF recorded what they enjoy most at sport using the Educreations app on the iPad. Please scroll to the bottom of the linked page below.

Year 1

1H wrote about their birthdays this term and shared their writing and photos on their iWeb pages on our Intranet. Their work has been shared below using Blendspace.

1K used the Instaframe app on the iPad to create a collage of photos taken of their maths activities this term. They love maths and measuring! Their work has been shared below using Blendspace.

Year 2

2D spent an afternoon learning a technique called `wet felting’ to create their own piece of felt (ready to create a display for the art show in October). Their work was shared on their class blog using PhotoPeach.

2D have been reading 'Thing' and they imagined what shape Thing might make himself and then drew pictures. During their literacy group rotations they used the Educreations app to take a picture, type a sentence and record themselves reading their writing.

On Grandparents' Day 2D used the coLAR app to bring colourful pictures of birds to`life’. They used the iPads to take some pictures of their Grandparents and themselves with their birds. Please also check out 2D's class blog to see what else they have been up to this term.

Year 3

3J and 3M, as part of their COGs unit ‘Being Australian’, researched Australian innovators and inventors. They published their findings in a Podcast created with GarageBand. They also included an art work track on their podcasts. Here is one below, and then click on the link below that, to see all the other completed podcasts. They were shared using Vimeo.
3J's Dual Flush Toilet Podcast

Year 4

4C and 4S as part of their COGs unit 'Being Australian' created glogs using the Glogster EDU website on Australian World Heritage Listed sites. They have been shared below using Blendspace.

Year 5

5B and 5S as part of their COGs unit 'Living Land' produced flyers to publish their reports on two endangered animals found in the Kosciuszko National Park. They used the Smore website to publish their work. One is linked below, and the rest are shared below one that using Blendspace.
5B students created their own art installations using natural materials. They were inspired by Andy Goldsworthy's work. They shared their work using PhotoPeach.

5T students worked together to create the following animation ‘The Beginning of a City’. The stimulus text was ‘Window’ by Jeannie Baker. Their work was shared in an iMovie and using Vimeo.

5T The Beginning of the City

Year 6

6C and 6M are half way through their major project of creating their individual 'Memories of HPS' iMovies. Scripts have been written and recorded with the Easi-speak microphones and added to iTunes, music has been added to iTunes and photos collected from our Intranet from Kinder to Year 6. Their iMovies will be published next term!

What is Blendspace?

When I signed up to this website it was called Edcanvas, but has now changed its name to Blendspace. I have found it a great, concise way to share students' work. It is also unblocked for students and would be a fantastic way for them to put a project together. Please check it out.

To Finish Off!

The 'New and Improved' Digital Citizenship Survival Kit

Some great ideas here to get the message across to our students about being a safe and responsible digital citizen.

17 Teacher Phobias

Teachers often have certain habits that they’ve developed to cope with classrooms full of students every day. Below is a fun graphic of the phobias that teachers experience. Which do you suffer from?

A Dog Goldberg Machine

Clever and . . . so cute!

Dog Goldberg Machine by Beneful®

Have a happy and safe holiday break everyone!