By: Aubrie Frazier

My Winter Break

My 1st Christmas

I had Christmas Eve with my dad and guess what I got a TV!!!! And it was MINE so my sister can NOT use it. There was a lot of things I got but I will just list a few, there was a tree that I could put necklaces, bracelets, and earrings on. I had a lot of fun with just my dad, my sister, my grandma and me.

My 2nd Christmas

For real Christmas I had it with my mom, my sister and I, Santa came to her house so we got some stuff from him like: a tree purse/bag, chocolate, Pez (A type of candy) Hmm what else? I think that's all I can remember... I had a lot of fun with my mom and sister!

My 3rd Christmas in Branson MO

We went to Branson for a vacation it kind of was...? We did a lot a stuff but the worst part was the driving there but it wasn't that bad as going down to Alabama to go to my Memee and Papa's house with 8 kids running around the house going crazy! And guess what? We got to ride in a LIMO!!! FOR TWO HOURS!!! What for you ask. We went around Branson to see the Christmas lights and we went to a 2 mile light show!!! My little cousin (He is the littlest one) He was my little buddy on the ride, he sat on my lap for the hole ride, but except when we were on the two mile light show cause he wanted to see the lights out the window. After the limo, I was sad and everyone was sad to. But after we all went inside and chilled out and some kids played with there toys. Oh yeah I didn't tell you what I got, here is some: an Easy Bake Oven, socks, a necklace that says my name on it and I couldn't believe that because there has never been my name on a bracelet or a necklace! I got a lot more but I just wanted name a few.

Zip Line

Oh yeah I haven't told you about this thing, this is a tower and a zip line the zip line goes all around Branson! It's about 2 hours long! I think... But we didn't go on it though.

The Invention Of Hugo Cabret

I am reading this book and you should watch this book trailer!

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty Trailer

This is a movie that I saw watch the trailer here!!!

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty - Official Launch Trailer [HD]

That was it!

And that was my Winter Break!!!