Hitler Terrorizing Germany

How do we stop him?

What exactly is Hitler doing in Germany?

Hitler is taking thousands of Jews each day to concentration camps and killing them each day. These people are being separated from their friends and family and are being treated like animals. With hard, brutal labor each day and a small amount of food these Jews only have a matter of time before they are all destroyed.
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How do we fix this problem?

Adolf Hitler has threatened that whoever seems like a threat or does not agree with him, needs to be shot and killed. The United States has a better military then Germany, but they have so many nazis and so many people on there side that If we would go try and save the Jews it would decrease our chance at total war.

Below are pictures of Jews everyday life.

What is at stake?

What will we lose if we help the Jews?

If we go and help the Jews in Europe we could very well loose the war. Even though we have the best military in the world we can not stand up against Hitler, the nazis, and Germany. hItker has persuaded almost all of Germany that Jews are the problems in society, and it won't be long before Hitler invades other countries, including the U.S. but we could stop him, but if we do there would be a small chance of victory.mdo you think it's worth saving the lives of million Jews at the stake of your own?