Want the series to be hyperlinked? Use the 490 field!

Happy New Year!

If you want the series to be hyperlinked, or if you need to tweak what is there, you should have editing rights to access the MARC 490 field. For best results...

490a is for the series title (such as "Fly Guy", "Mortal Instruments", or whatever)

490v is for the number of the series, if desired

Sometimes, the number for the series gets lumped in with the series title in a MARC record. This isn't obvious unless you click on the hyperlink to see what happens. When it does happen, the hyperlinking doesn't work as desired, and needs to be tweaked.

For instance, any items marked "Fly Guy" in 490a should bring up a search of just "Fly Guy" items when you click on that hyperlink. It's possible that you will see numbers, but if they were placed in the 490v subfield, then all is well.

If an item has "Fly Guy #5" in the 490a subfield, then the hyperlink will only work for anything labeled "Fly Guy #5" in 490a.

Having difficulty with union catalog links? Time to trouble shoot...

1. Check to make sure that the URL you are using for the union catalog is http://wswhe.janus.scoolaid.net/. If the URL you have bookmarked has "calypso" in it, it's way old and may no longer be working.

2. Pages not loading correctly? Try logging out and back in again, and if necessary, switch to a different browser to see if that helps. It's one of those things that I feel silly asking, but sometimes it's the little things that do the trick. (Image provided is a little humor from the show "The I.T. Crowd.")

If you rely on pages/tabs that stay open all the time, day after day, it's quite possible that the pages time out. It's also possible that the wonderful updates your IT folks may have done over break may have created minor issues that need to be discovered and tweaked. :)