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Cedar Hill Elementary April 20, 2015


Today is the big day!!! All of our hard work, preparation, great teaching and learning is going to be on display!!! I know you all are ready, and the students will do great! There may be an occasional glitch during testing, but I know you all will handle things calmly and positively! Please buzz the office if you need any assistance during testing. After testing, please distribute tickets to your hard-working, positive test-takers, and at the end of the day, draw three names from your class. I will call for those winning students to come to the office to get a small prize!! Thank you for all your hard work this year!!! It will show!!

Other than morning announcements at 9:00, there will not be announcements throughout the day. I will be testing when fifth grade is testing, so please do not sent students to the office. You may utilize other classrooms if a student needs a different time-out location. Call Gabe if necessary or send a runner with a note.

Please feel free to send well wishes to our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders (and their teachers) as they begin testing. Cards and posters from younger students mean a lot to them!

Evacuation Drill Today

We will delay the evacuation drill today until around 3:40. If it is not going to work with testing students, we will postpone it to another day. Listen for the announcement, and be ready... just in case.

Cedar Hill Rocks!!!!!

Don't forget our carnival is this Friday evening!!!! The sign-up sheet is on the workroom door! As of right now, it should be dry with a high of 65 degrees! PERFECT!!!

Friday is also Popcorn Friday! We will serve all popcorn to classrooms in the afternoon due to testing.

Individual Assignments

•Send mid-terms home today!

•Fifth grade teachers- End-of-Year "big" awards are due today!!

•Revised Professional Growth Plans are due to me this week.

•Update your website.

•Turn in your award winners to Becca for the May 8th assembly. She will hand these forms out early this week.

•4th and 5th Grade Teachers: Please get your workroom space cleaned out (asap)

•Turn in your Teacher Appreciation Banquet RSVP in the envelope on the office door.

•Turn in your instructional/board store orders to Gabe by May 1.

•Give your final SRI test for the end of the year after April 15th. These are due to me at the end of April.

4:1 Challenge Day- Tuesday, April 21st

Give out at least 5 tickets to 5 different Cedar Hill staff!!! Recognize your coworkers for being the awesome people that they are!!!! Jeans Day for everyone who fulfills the challenge!!!

On a side note.... I am postponing the Faculty Learning Center scheduled for April 21st to May 5th!!

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Happy Secretary's Day (April 22nd), Gabrielle and Becca!!! We appreciate all that you do at Cedar Hill!!!!

Upcoming Events

April 20

Midterms go home today.

3:40- Evacuation Drill (if all students are finished with testing.)

April 21 Teamwork Tuesday + EER + 4:1 Challenge Day

Faculty Learning Center- postponed to May 5

EER for students that are not testing today.

April 22- Secretary's Day!!!!!

April 23- Team Time Thursday + Sonic Drinks

PBS Tier 1 meeting- postponed to a later date.

April 24 - Popcorn Friday + Filter Friday (Clean projector filters)

8:00- IEP (Z.H.) Bearden, Bock, Rost

6-8- Cedar Hill Carnival

April 28- Teamwork Tuesday + EER (for students not testing)

6:00- Cedar Hill PTO meeting

April 29- Grades updated in Infinite Campus

3:00 - Non-public- Viessman, Bock, Rost

May 1

Instructional/Board Store Orders are due to Gabe

8:20- PBS Tier 2 Meeting- Jessica Long's Room

May 2- Little Olympics

Special Permission

An announcement about special permission went out this past week. The paperwork is in the office and available from April 13th-May 1st. *Please note that all grade levels at Cedar Hill are closed for next year.

Elementary EdCamp

Monday, August 3, 8-12


South Elementary School

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