10 Poems

Clint Allison

Makes me think of

Winter makes me think of hot co co

Hot co co mkaes me think of marshmallows

Marshmallows make me think of smores

Smores makes me think of family time

Family time makes me think of snowball fights

Snowball fights makes me think of winter


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color peom(2)

Red is the blood running from ur leg

Red is chick-falea tempting people to come eat

Red smells like fresh cherry pie

Red taste like a juicy tomato

Red sounds like the cardinal chirping

Red looks like the color of my shirt

Red feels like a hot stove burning ur hand

Red makes me jump for joy

Red is the color that wil make me motivated

http://www.creatiline.com/tag/red-color-poem-examples (picture)

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Sally sat on rock

That rock wasn't even as hard as a sock

She jumped up and screamed ew

Because she sat on a piece of poo

Now her rock sitting days have stoped


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exaggeration poem(4)

I put my hand on a stove,

Cooking pudding for a 80 ft pie.

The blazing stove caught my hand on fire.

My mom came running 200mph into the kitchen

She called 911 and the ambulance came in a flash,

Rushing to the hospital at the speed of light.

They tried every system nothing worked

My hand started to trun into lava

They tried putting dried ice on it.

It finally stoped bruning,

So my mom took me back home.

I put my hand on a stove


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A willow tree

Howling on a windy night

Scaring little kids

http://www.slideshare.net/charlitatrihapsari/teaching-haiku-poem (picture)

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My eyes are like the blue sky

My laugh is like a chipmunk

My hair is like a fall leaf

My skills are like Michael Jordons

My skin is like silk

My peom is neet and long like

a boa constrictor

Im as short as the grass in the winter

Im am the wind


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Hands of hands how much i enjoy haveing you,

Helping me pick up after myeslf,

I love you for enabling me to,

Shoot,pitch and swing.

Think you for haveing fingers,

That help me write.

You calm my nervousness,

By letting bite my nails.

Hands dear hands I treasure you

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i am a river

running and roaring on rainy nights

causeing trouble as people pass by

i hold gallons and gallons of water

tell all the big bass hi as they pass bye

catching sharp hooks in my rocks

I am a river

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