Electric Grass Grater

E.G.G close up

we will sell you a E.G.G for 22.99. We will manufacture it for 12.3469... We will use a 4 cycle lawn mower engine but smaller.

For kids who don’t mow the lawn because they are irritated by noise or their parents don’t trust them.. Also for people who are too lazy to mow the lawn or the people who take a long time to mow the lawn. This makes mowing the lawn easier.

50% of kids out of 15 would want to control a remote control car while mowing the lawn.73.3% of kids out of 15 never mow the lawn and 26.7% sometimes mow the lawn.13.3% of kids out of 15 take an hour to mow the lawn and 20% take less than a hour.57.1% of kids out of 15 hate the noise of mow lawns, 21.4% sometimes. 86.7% of kids out of 15 said it depends if they would buy a our electric mow lawner, 6.7% said yes.

  • Four Essential Elements in an internal combustion engine Air, Fuel, Compression, and Spark.5 different strokes: power stroke, intake stroke, plug stroke, exhaust stroke, compression stroke.In a four cycle engine which we happen to based ares on, has a valve is above the piston.The camshaft moves the valve through the tappet, push rod, and rocker arm. It is basicly a remote controlled lawn mower.