Closing The GAP

Lane Technical College Prep


  • Decrease tardiness and absenteeism amongst Freshmen students who have been late to the first class period of school 10 or more times during the first semester of the 2013-2014 school year and are receiving poor grades
  • Approximately 97% of Freshmen students identified for having 10 or more tardies are also receiving at least two D’s or a D and an F
  • Freshmen students who were struggling academically also had poor attendance
  • There was no intervention in place during Freshmen on Track seminars to address this issue


  • Research indicates that student performance in school is negatively impacted by lack of regular attendance
  • Studies also suggest that students may avoid school because they are not doing well in their classes
  • Excessive absences and tardies is the third most common reason given for failure in grades 9-12

Kerrins, J., & Hayes, D. Working with Students and Parents to Solve the Problem of Tardiness. Middle School Journal, 27, 46-51.


Target Population

Freshmen students who have 10 or more tardies and poor grades

Psychoeducational Group

  • Three sessions during lunch periods

Topics of discussion:

  • Impact of attendance now and in the future
  • Issues that may cause poor attendance
  • How to navigate tough life situations
  • Address school engagement and connectedness


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  • A lesson or two on attendance should be added to the curriculum for off track Freshmen students
  • Students from different clubs should come in to talk about their experiences in the club
  • Lunch should be provided to increase time spent in session
  • Track attendance of students in group following intervention