Thriving Skills @ Maya Community

Learning the Language of Service

The intention is to learn to participate and to serve from certainty of the abundance and the awareness of our shared essence.



We believe that peace as a state of being does not require a set of goals or achievements to be deserved or granted. Peace is in fact our own pure nature taking form in all expressions. This awareness brings a sense of liberation that motivates empathy and a pro-active state of participation. It is in this awareness that we commit to bring forward our collaborations.


Vena-Cava provides strategic consulting and media services to enhance and elevate both the visibility and impact of causes and nonprofit initiatives. Through multidisciplinary teams we develop customized pro-active participation models that engage audiences and strengthen those working to address the humanitarian issues of our time.

This is a project for families to establish a personal relationship sharing, learning and fully immersing with the cause.

Come together to discover beauty beyond aesthetics and delicacy of form.​ Together, we will learn how to BE and LIVE consciously and responsibly, participating proactively so that, from that place of balance and abundance, we SERVE!​

Our Goal

1.) To promote the rescuing of indigenous practices through allowing the traditional indigenous healers to have a space to promote information for boys and girls from Tixcacalcupul, Yuc.

2.) The installation of a botanical garden to ignite and strengthen the Maya identity in the local kids as well as in the participants.

Our Strategy

Traditional Medicine


Traditional Mayan Games



Indigenous Language


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Mayan Botanical Garden

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Saturday, June 13th, 10am to Friday, June 26th, 12pm

Uh Najil turismo rural y ecoturismo, Temozón Municipality, Mexico


RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Relaxation and Camp in Preparation at Puerto Morelos, qro.

The Villas to be booked run from Saturday to Saturday on the week 24 and contain 2/3 rooms, a living room, kitchen and all services and amenities (food and beverage not included). Please reserve directly on your own, yet please let us know how to consider you in the logistics for transportation, which will be covered by Vena-Cava.

Approximate price = $2,500 per week

Here is the link:

Saturday, June 13 - Saturday, June 20

Thriving Skills Preparation Camp, led by Claudia Flores, Evan Raynr and Sara Hilecher:

We are going to be working with key elements supporting our children to bloom the seeds in their consciousness that will support their life in all expressions. We will use the basis of our statement of ethics and the elements that give life to all we do in vena-cava. This unique curriculum is extraordinary in it's ordinariness thriving becoming a path not a destination...

Topics of our week...

  • Certainty of the essence (what is the same in all and everything and the only thing valuable, in our ordinariness lies our wealth)
  • Self-awareness gain dominion and understand the inner dynamics to come out ready to play (how many selves emotional, thoughts, energy, physical body, basic self, higher self, the self that is the soul and its fine either way, etc etc, etc)
  • Ability to respond (what is my direction and my path and what is a seduction of my perception based in my lower selves) (what is my attunement my direction my line my inner guidance and what is my personalities preference)

Activities include:

  • Discussions
  • Games
  • Workshops
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Skits
  • Acting

  • Yoga on the beach,
  • Volleyball
  • Football
  • Dancing
  • Storytelling
  • Exploring with the local Fauna
  • Getting immersed into the space of abundance and certainty of that shared essence to dignify and serve the Maya Community and ourselves in the process.

Each day will comprise of a different venture, creating a unique and memorable experience that will prepare the children and families to relax, have fun and engage in the loving essence of service that will be present as we enter into the Mayan Community on the 22nd.

Saturday, June 20 - Sunday, June 21

Free days to explore

Thriving Skills @ Ek Balam Maya Community

Unajil Ek Balam is a certified ecotourism destination.

The 4 main goals of ecotourism are to build business attractions that increase environmental and cultural awareness and respect; generate financial benefits for local people and private industry; deliver memorable interpretative experiences to visitors that help raise sensitivity to host countries' political, environmental, and social climates; and recognize the rights and spiritual beliefs of the Indigenous People in your community and work in partnership with them to create empowerment.

Ek Balam: June 22-26

The cost of the Ek Balam portion of this trip (excluding airfare) is

$3,333 dollars per family. ​This should be paid in full by May 30th.

​This will cover:

Accommodations. ​

Hotel meals. ​

Transportation. ​

Visits and field trips. ​

Donations and materials for the Botanical Garden.

Ek Balam Schedule

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Cenote Xcanche

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Would You Like To Participate?

To participate, please contact Claudia Flores at

Donate to Vena-Cava

Vena-Cava is committed to assisting Nonprofit Organizations and Causes increase visibility, attract more supporters, and raise more funds. All contributions are tax deductible. We thank you for your support.

Vena-Cava in association with Yahuali and Pueblo Maya

Vena-Cava in association with Yahuali and Pueblo Maya, is aggregating an organization with years and years of experience and that today has presence in five different Mexican states. The Maya community with their ancestral wisdoms, are people who are born and raised in their native values and organizational practices.

For Your Information

Flight: Please Contact Shashikanth Sevanan (Sashi) regarding booking and travel information. Cell: 631-463-6063 Email:

Puerto Morelos:

Ek Balam: diezflores@gmailcom

Thank You.

It is in the CERTAINTY OF THE ESSENCE, the awareness and relationship to that self; that which gives life to life... To ignite our life force from this essence and live inspired into genuine willingness emanating from the knowing of my individual ability to respond, aligning and connecting through empathy, service, gratitude, peace, love and joy, building rhythm in that essential beat of the heart, making me re-member and find myself in all and everything.