By: Jacee

How, who and where?

This star is a Red Giant. It was discovered by David Fabricius in 1902 with a Hubble Space telescope. Since Fabricius's discovery, there have been more than 46,000 people who have taken an interest in this star. It is a binary star and is in the constellation of Cetus.
The color of the star is yellow. It's distance from Earth is 300 ly. This star fuses helium into carbon and oxygen.

Where is it?

Mira is the brightest part of the image listed below. You often won't see the star because it's brightness varies. It's brightness cycles throughout eleven months.
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This is a picture of where Mira is by other stars and constellations.
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This is the constellation that Mira is in.Mira is the best know star in this constellation, and is the one that can be the best seen! This constellation is called Cetus. Cetus is a sea monster that the Greek also called ''the wale''. There are 15 main stars in Cetus. Cetus is one of the largest constellations know. Cetus can be seen between October and January.
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