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Matthew W

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I chose this video because reading makes me happy.

About Me

My name is Matthew W. I live in Leawood, Kansas. I like to play sports such as basketball, baseball, and soccer.

Ten Things about Me as a Reader

  1. I don't use bookmarks or fold the page corners.
  2. I like books with action.
  3. I would like to be Philip from The Cay.
  4. It would be interesting to be Jay Berry from Summer of the Monkeys.
  5. I like non-fiction.
  6. I have never met an author that is famous.
  7. I am a slow reader.
  8. I only read at night.
  9. I like books that take place in the wild.
  10. I don't mind if one of the main characters dies.
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Blog Entry

I just finished reading a book and I am currently not reading a book. The latest book I read was Into the Killing Seas. Into the Killing Seas was a very good book. It was good because there was a lot of action and the book was well-written. I would recommend this book to people would like survival books and people that like war books.

Intrests and Favorites

Some of my favorites are: Hatchet, The Cay, Into the Killing Seas, and Summer of the Monkeys.

  • Hatchet - This book is about a kid named Brian surviving in the wilderness.
  • The Cay - This book is about a boy named Philip trying to survive on a cay after his ship was torpedoed without being able to see.
  • Into the Killing Seas - This book is about 2 boys trying to get back to there parents by stowing away on the USS Indianapolis with a sailor.
  • Summer of the Monkeys - This book is about a family who is given a piece of land by their Grandpa which they discover there are valuable monkeys on the land.

Website Reccomandations

I recommend a website called because it has good books. I also recommend because it also has good books.
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