Wrangler Gazette

Sneek-a-Peak at the 2012-2013 Newsletter Format

Green in 2013

To continue our efforts to produce a more ecologically friendly newsletter here at Williams Elementary, we have chosen to make our newsletter an online publication. This will help to reduce the Wrangler "footprint". Our students are proud to lead the community by example in this area and hope that you will enjoy our publication.


We have several new faces on staff this year, including our new principal, Mr. Mark Kammlah. Please extend a warm welcome when you see them.

Changes in the Gazette for the New School Year

This year the Wrangler Gazette will be staffed by twelve 4th and 5th grade students. Each staff member will be assigned a grade level, club, or special area of interest. It will be his/her responsibility to work with you, the faculty and staff of Williams Elementary, to get the news in the hands of the people.

Staff members will collect electronically submitted articles from each grade level and format them to a designated page much like the one you are viewing right now. They will also keep tabs on all the staff and students, looking for a good story. Each staff member will conduct interviews and write interesting stories that pertain to his/her assigned section of the newsletter. After each page is reviewed by an advisor, it will be uploaded to the school website (published).

Please keep in mind that this is the first experience that most of our newsletter staff have of life in a business setting. In addition to working on writing skills they will learn to write letters of introduction, set up and conduct interviews, send notes of thanks, collaborate with coworkers as well as sources, meet deadlines, market their work, and start all over again.

We are thrilled about the changes this year and all of the wonderful things we will accomplish in the 2012-2013 school year.

Robinson, Upchurch & Witts to Join Journalism Team

The Journalism Club welcomes three new members to the Advisory Staff!

Bernita Robinson, Jessica Upchurch and Katie Witts will be joining Dinisha Alvarado to guide the yearbook and newsletter staffs. We are very excited about the perspective and expertise that they will bring to the journalism experience.

Mrs. Witts holds a Bachelor's degree in education and will be focusing on the Yearbook Staff. Mrs. Witts is beginning her first full year as a classroom teacher here at Williams Elementary. She stepped into the 5th grade Social Studies position last year after a midyear staff change and was so great with the children that AISD couldn't let her get away. Mrs. Witts brings a love of photo journalism and several years of photography experience as well as her editor's eye to our team.

Ms. Upchurch also holds a Bachelor's degree in education. She will focus on the Wrangler Gazette newsletter staff. This is her third year here at Williams Elementary. She has taught both 6th as 3rd grade and always brings a smile of encouragement for her students and the staff. Ms. Upchurch brings a panache for quality writing to the staff.

Mrs. Robinson, like Mrs. Alvarado, will assist both Yearbook and Newsletter Staffs. Mrs. Robinson holds both a Bachelor's and Masters degree and brings 19 years of classroom experience to the game, 11 of those years served here at Williams Elementary teaching 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 6th grades. She has years of newsletter experience in the education sector and countless accolades, including Teacher of the Year. She gives wisdom and insight as she guides our Junior Journalists.

Join us in welcoming these talented ladies to the organized chaos we like to call Journalism Club.

The Wrangler Gazette

The Wrangler Gazette is a student publication of Tommie B. Williams Elementary. The purpose of this publication is to keep students, parents, faculty, staff and the community aware of all the wonderful events and activities taking place in our school.

The Wrangler Gazette is a division of Journalism Club, an extracurricular activity available to students in 4th, 5th, and 6th grades who maintain good academic standing ("C" average or above in all classes). In Journalism Club, students do more than write or take pictures. They develop life long skills in collaboration & teamwork, writing for an authentic audience & editing, photographic elements & composition, basic design principles, electronic publishing, budget planning, marketing & public relations, journalistic integrity & copyright law, data processing, digital imaging, communication, leadership & team building, project management, responsibility, discipline, time management and so much more.

I am Dinisha Alvarado, a staff memeber of Williams Elementary and the "old newspaper lady". I hold a Bachelor's degree in business and education. I have 6 years of Yearbook experience and 11 years of Newsletter experience, 14 years of business experience and 5 years of experience in education. I have been the Journalism Club advisor for the past three years and look forward to a new and wonderful staff this year.

We're going to do great things!



All submissions will be reviewed by the Advising Staff and Williams Principal, Mark Kammlah, for publication. However, not all submissions will be published.