Andrew Jackson you be the judge

Trail Of Tears

Jackson was making the Indians move off what they claim to be their land and the Indians were not very happy and upset. They were living in the Southeastern United States. they were settled, grew cotton, and had there own constitution. Then Jackson signed the removal act and moved them out .

Cherokee response

I feel that this is not fair because the Indians have owned this land for hundreds of years. You cannot just take this land away from us. We have worked to long protecting this land and your not going to take it from us now. you cannot take this land it belongs to us.

Nullification Crisis

The Nullification Crisis was when there were 2 tariffs. The tariffs were in 1828 and 1832. The South were not very happy about the tariffs. South Carolina was refusing to pay the taxes. Then Andrew Jackson passed the Force Bill, which made South Carolina pay their taxes. This was resolved when Jackson lowered the taxes for everyone.

northerner response

I think this is perfectly fair because the North has to pay the same amount of taxes that the South have to pay and the North is not complaining. So why can't the South pay there taxes just like the North? Also because of the South we have to have a Force Bill. So the South should have to pay just like the North.

Spoils System

The Spoils System is when you get elected as President you will reward your friends and family with jobs. The President can choose anyone they want. But normally they choose their friends and family but it is the right thing to do. Not everyone who got a job is qualified and that hurt the government.

Soldier Response

I don't think this is fair because the people who serve in the military should be able to serve for the President. I have served a lot of my life in the military so i think that we should be able to have a job in the White House before anyone else. I also feel that it will mess up the government for being in the White House and not know what they are doing.


This cartoon shows that Jackson wanted to get rid of the National Bank. It shows this because he has a veto in his hand and he is also scaring off the bank workers. This picture also shows that he is trying to destroy the bank.