K-5 Math

2nd 6 Weeks

Active Word Walls

  • Word walls should be displayed in an area that is highly visible and accessible to the students during regular instruction.

  • Words should be printed in a large font that is easily visible from all student seating areas.

  • A picture or photograph adds further clarification for visual learners or English language learners.

  • Words can be accompanied by their definitions.

  • Use student created samples of words or pictorial representations to build/add to the word wall.

  • Words should be current and relevant to the unit of study.


Topic 3 - Numbers 6 to 10 (9 day unit)

Computer Ten Frame Game:


Topic 4 - Comparing Numbers 6 to 10 (15 day unit)

Which activity page aligns with kinder standards? You tell me!


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1st Grade

Topic 2 - Understanding Subtraction (Finishing 14 day unit)

Topic 4 - Addition and Subtraction Facts to 12 (10 day unit)


Topic 5 - Addition and Subtraction Facts to 20 (Begin 15 day unit)


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2nd Grade

Topic 3 - Numbers to 1,200 (9 day unit)

Topic 4 - Comparing and Ordering to 1,200 (10 day unit)

enVision Parent Letter

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Helpful Tidbits

Base Ten Blocks vs. Place Value Disks

3rd Grade

Topic 3 - Developing Proficiency: Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers (Completing 10 day unit)

Word Problem Cards


Topic 4 - Multiplication Meanings (9 day unit)

3 Steps to Math Fact Fluency - Google Drive Folder

Khan Academy - Introduction to Multiplication


Topic 5 - Multiplication Facts: Use Patterns and Known Facts (Begin 15 day unit)

Great ideas for using picture books to help teach multiplication!


Khan Academy - Students practice their multiplication facts


4th Grade

Topic 3 - Number Sense: Multiplying by 1-digit Numbers (5 day unit)

Lesson - Multiplying a 3-Digit Number by a 1-Digit Number


Topic 4 - Developing Proficiency: Multiplying by 1-digit Numbers (4 day unit)

Fun Multiplication Games that you can print!


Topic 5 - Number Sense: Multiplying by 2-digit Numbers (10 day unit)

Khan Academy - Multi-Digit Multiplication


Topic 6 - Developing Proficiency: Multiplying by 2-digit Numbers (10 day unit)

Learnzillion - Use an Area Model for Multiplication


5th Grade

Topic 4 - Number Sense: Dividing by 2-digit Divisors (7 day unit)

Math Antics - Dividing by 2-digit Divisors


Khan Academy Video and Practice


Topic 5 - Developing Proficiency: Dividing by 2-digit Divisors (7 day unit)

StudyJams - Double Digit Division


Topic 6 - Dividing Decimals (10 day unit)

StudyJams - Division of Decimals


Topic 7 - Adding and Subtracting Fractions (Begin 10 day unit)

StudyJams - Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Unlike Denominators


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Elementary Math Team: Amanda McLellan, Audrey Long, Ebony Cousins, Brittany Sanders