Solar system exploration

Jarvis thurgate

Pre:1900 Galileo Galilei

Galileo was born on 15th of February 1564

He died on January 8th 1642

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Galileo was an Italian physicist,mathematician,astronomer and also philosopher who revolutionised science. Galileo's achievements are improvements to the telescope in 1609,consequent,astronomical observations and help with copernicanism. he has been called " father of modern observational astronomy.He went to the University of Pisa and is known for his skills in kinematic,dynamics,telescopic observations,astronomy and finally helicentrism.


Galileo was an Italian physicist,mathematician,astronomer and also philosopher who changed science.


Galileo's main discovery expanded on Newton's theory of gravity and how objects moved on Earth.

Galileo imporoved the basic telescope.

He then went on to discover many moons and infomation about other planets.

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Galileo's discoveries happend in his working time.

Technologies used

A telescope,and his inquiring mind.

Contributions to knowledge

He has changed science as we know it and has gave us great knowledge.

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Post:1900 voyager 1& 2

Info on the voyagers

Thea voyager is an America scientific program that launched to unmanned space missions the American probes were launched in 1977 to take advantage of a favourable alignment of planets during the late 1970s. They were designated officially to recerch the planetary systems of Jupiter and Saturn ,the probes were able to continue their missions.On August 25th,2012" voyager 1" became the first man made object to enter interstellar space and explore it. The voyager uses a big dish to send signals back to nasa. The voyagers contain man made items e.g. An recored player.


The objective was to resech the planetary systems of Jupiter and Saturn but it continued to resech ferther into space.


voyager 1&2

it took off on 1977.

Technoloies used

the voyager used bosters to launch and toget out of our obit it also uses a giant radar dish to send information back to NASA.


the voyagers have discovered lots of thing e.g. moon.

voyager 1 entered intastella space.

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