The Crucible Act 1: Sin

By: Madelyn Becker & Carlie Davis

"We danced and Tituba conjured Ruth Putnam's dead sisters..."

This is just one of the many sentences in the story that describes sin. Abigail was not supposed to even be in the woods, let alone practicing witchcraft. She knew all along that messing with witchcraft was a sin, but Abigail went against what she and the whole town believed. Throughout the book, they talk more about witchcraft than they do heaven and God. We believe that because the Puritans had such strict religious rules, they became curious about other religions and beliefs. They also were greedy in a way. For example, Paris would accuse people of being witches just so he would get their land. He would be the only would getting the land because he was the only one with money in the town. In conclusion, sin comes through a lot in this story.