Tech Bulletin #6

Monday 10th November 2014

This week...

  • Mon 10/11/14 - Parent iPad Workshop (1 of 4) & planning
  • Tues 11/11/14 - CCA meeting with Jess M
  • Wed 12/11/14 - LTMs at own sites (forward planning)
  • Foundation class iPads deployed
  • Foundation computing starts next week (due to meetings this week)

Reminder - iPad technical support

All technical queries regarding staff, school and Year 6 iPads must be logged via Gateway or via LTMs will continue to support iPad queries in relation to training and/or curriculum support. Year 6 pupils will soon be taught how to log their own tasks via the Helpdesk.

Class iPad kits

This week David and I will start deploying the class iPad kits. This will continue until the end of term. The expected timetable is as follows:

WB 10/11/14 - Foundation Stage

WB 17/11/14 - Year 5

WB 24/11/14 - Year 4

WB 01/12/14 - Year 3

WB 08/12/14 - Year 2

WB 15/12/14 - Year 1

New computing units

Here are the new computing units for Autumn 2. Some Autumn 1 units will continue for the next week or so. This is until the objectives have been covered or we've come to an natural stopping point.

Year 1 - We are painters starts next week (self-assessment task this week)

Year 2 - We are game testers (starts this week)

Year 3 - We are presenters starts next week (self-assessment task this week)

Year 4 - We are meteorologists (starts this week)

Year 5 - We are architects (starts next week)

Year 6 - We are app planners continues

Have a good week!