Demo Plan

Rehana Khan @ Shoppers


May 5th or

May 6th

Time Of Demo:

Morning 10am

Description Of Activity:

Shoppers Drug Mart has all kinds of products mostly and often customers do not know which product will suit them the most. I will be teaching Ms. Vavaroustsos about Skin Care and measures to follow skin care products which can help her to take care of her skin. By this, she can know which is the best product for her skin. I will be suggesting her some products which will be more likely to suit her skin type and give her a brief explanation about the product. I can help suggesting ways to use the product in the starting days and how she can further carry on with a daily routine following the steps given. Some of the products that we have at the store are Vichy, Etival, Neostrata (eye cream, face cream, night cream, day cream and cleanser) etc.


I have chosen this task because it is best of my interest. Skin care products are very important to our daily life routine as it helps us to protect our skin everyday. Use of right products can give us healthy skin. Proper skin care is important because our skin is one of the barriers against any kind of infection. Using proper products and making it a daily routine can save us from infections. This task is fairly important part of the business as demonstrating and advertising the products may lead to selling of products which then will be profitable to the business.

Details Of The Activity:

1. Checking the skin type (oily, dry) etc.

2. Then, suggesting the best product which will be suitable for the skin. ( vichy, lancome) etc.

3. Explain all the benefits of the product.

4. Explain the method of using the product and things she can purchase which will suit her skin the best.

5. Explain the routine of the product like ( day, night or afternoon) etc

6. Number of times the products should be used and following the instructions as per suggested.

7. After showing all the steps, make sure she likes the product and is comfortable with the product.

8. When she is satisfied with the products, we hand over her the new packs of the product and she can then proceed to the counter.

9. After all explanations cash her out with smile.

Required Materials:

- wipes

- tissues

- cleanser

- testers of products

Special Instructions For Co-op Teacher:

- Please Wear full black cloths and Makeup on face.

Approved: Date, Time And Activity:

please circle:



Signature Of Placement Supervisor:

Mr. Joe