• How to overcome anxiety?

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One of the main factors that increase our anxiety is the lack of confidence in ourselves. Factor is due to many factors such as negative experiences in the past, lack of knowledge of the subject to expose, physical difficulties of expression or just the physical fear that we are exposed to face a situation for the first time in unknown conditions.

Negative experiences in the past.

While the past can not be changed, nor can we let this lifelong torment. Many difficulties when speaking in public is due to the fact of not wanting to face the situations that affected us in the past, and must instead deal with these situations and use them as tools to strengthen the discourse and in turn we serve experience to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Breathing Techniques

One of the solutions to the problems of anxiety is to use breath control as relaxing and oxygenating the brain and our ideas. Breathe deep and slow facilitates the entry of oxygen to the brain and helps to generate the confidence necessary to avoid falling into the abyss of fear to speak in public. I invite you to watch the video and apply the technique 4-7-8.
RELAX!!!!! Breathing exercise #1

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