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Friday, March 22, 2019

Friday Folder Flyers

*There is a K-Kids flyer that advertises a Summer Clothing Drive. Please be sure to check that out if you're interested in donating like new clothes.

*The Spot is sponsoring a Spring into Summer informational session on Saturday, April 6th.

Swimming Calendar

Every student is bringing home a March/April calendar that that outlines our swimming dates along with the days that kids need to bring instruments. The PDF is also embedded below. I have quadruple checked it, here's to hoping there are no errors!

Mark Your Calendars ~ Upcoming Field Trips

We have three definite field trips before the end of the school year. More detailed information will be coming mid-April. If you like to plan ahead, the entire grade level will be traveling to Genesee Country Museum on Tuesday, May 21st and to Onanda Park on Monday, June 24th. We need as many volunteers as possible for Genesee Country Museum. Traveling in small groups works best as we only have 2.5 hours to travel through the village and eat lunch before heading back to school. The admission for parent chaperones is $11. The District will cover the student cost. We'll also visit Palmyra in June to learn about the Erie Canal. I don't have that date yet. Stay tuned!!!!


Mrs. Close's Class ~ What a week?!?! The kids have been super busy converting to like denominators to add and subtract fractions. In addition, the have been multiplying a whole number times a fraction, converting improper fractions to mixed number and back the other way from mixed number to improper fraction! You'll find lots of corrected work in Friday Folders. The writing prompts are my favorite. The goal is to get them to THINK! These kids want a quick answer so they can move on to the next task. We're working at it! Keep those exit ticket corrections coming my way!

Ms. Gleason's Class ~ We are working in our fractions module. Your child has learned to find equivalent fractions. Comparing fractions is the skill we are working on now. Next week the class will be adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators. Following that, we will be working with mixed numbers. We will end the unit with multiplying fractions. This unit will take us until the end of April.

Mr. Hart's Class ~ We have completed module 4. The past two weeks we have looked at types of triangles and classified them based on given attributes as well as parallelograms. Yesterday we spent the day reviewing the concepts we learned in this module. Today, we took the module 4 assessment. I will have them graded and sent home by Tuesday of next week. Next week we will begin our module on fractions. On Monday I will send home with the kids a module overview, so you can see what we will be exploring.


Picture Book Friday ~ Brady read Pigsty to us today! I think it's a book that almost every kid and parent can relate to!

PAWS ~ #11 was due today. I have forgotten to tell the parents that the kids designed an "edit checklist" from the responses from a past Friday Exit Ticket. Each student has 13 items to double check in their first drafts before asking me to edit. You should ask your child about that. No new paws until after Spring Break. We will be busy working with monomyth structure to write about a Hero's Journey.

Big picture


During the upcoming week the kids will get a motor running and test objects for conductivity!


During the upcoming week, kids will need instruments on Wednesday. They lucked out to have lessons and ensembles on the same day!

Dates to Remember

April 4&5 ~ NYS ELA Assessment

April 8 ~ Yearbook Orders Due

April 15-19 ~ Spring Break, No School

May 2&3 ~ NYS Math Assessment

May 21 ~ Genesee Country Museum Trip

June 24 ~ Onanda Park