5 Years Later

Robinson Chiropractic

Say it Ain't So!!

Somehow 5 whole years have passed since I started my little practice here in Lawrence! I couldn't be happier and more fulfilled with what I do but it never would have happened without all of you! I just want to take the month to thank all of you for holding your confidence and loyalty in myself and my practice. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about you and your families over the years and look forward to hearing more in the years to come!

As a thank you to you all I'm going to be giving away 5 massages with Katie Hastings-Lewis. If you refer someone during the month of February and they make an appointment you get an extra entry in the drawing!!

February also marks voting time for Best of Lawrence. We have made it to the top 3 every year since it was started - again thanks to all of you!! So if you have a chance we we appreciate your vote!! http://www.lawrence.com/bestoflawrence/

Looking forward to seeing you soon. As always if you have any questions please don't hesitate to shoot me an email or give me a call!

Dr. Abby Robinson