Building your PLN

What is the purpose of PInterest?


There are several ways to use Pinterest in the classroom

I would say there are two ways for pinterest in the classroom

A. For visual student support

1.Create an account just for you classroom

2. Visual of Group work- take pictures of group projects or projects that are coming up

3. Displaying Student success- have a board for student of the week or Star students work

4. Record and pin- Allowing the students to log in and create their own pinterst and allow them follow you( your classroom) and they can pin all of your recorded lessons/note taking inspirations. ( Remember show them how to do it in the classroom for individual success)

B. Classroom Environment Ideas and inspirations

We all have several pins for this

1. Tons and Tons of Printables

2. Classroom organization

3. Amazing Experiments

4. Lesson plan ideas

5. Follow other colleagues and create a board just for your department

6. Hands - on activity ideas

7.Classroom library

8. Classroom technology ideas

9.Classroom management

10. Books study and Educator professional growth

11. Great ideas for homework and grading ideas


1. Comment on pins to start a converstaion

2.Links for great resources

3. Reviews on textbooks and resources used in the classroom

4. Connect with other educators

5. Follow blogs and know your aren't the only one

Top rated PInterest boards to follow

Kasey Bell- Shakeup learning

Well known Educator Speaker gives a great list of who to follow

Emily and Hedi - Second Story Window

How to create your own Pinterest Board?


1. I would create a new account just for my classroom ( I don't want all of my students to see my personal boards)

2.If you have a Facebook account for your classroom you can use that

3. Create an account you can remember

4. Once you are in, create 3 -5 boards or maybe boards for each subject you teach or section you have

5. If you already have a class account for just your classroom promote them through other class social media accounts

6. Spread the word to your parents, other teachers, and principal

Great video tutorials on this site