5R Bi-Weekly Newsletter

Written & Edited by Mrs. Riley's 5th Grade Class


Last week we began reading George's Secret Key to the Universe. The book is a science fiction story about a kid named George and his adventures. While reading, we have been focusing on comparing and contrasting the characters and setting. We are also focusing on the descriptive language the author uses.


We reviewed the components of a narrative paper and began writing our own science fiction stories. Our narratives must be written in third person limited, which means that the narrator is outside of the story but has access to one character's thoughts and feelings. While it is challenging to write from this perspective, we are enjoying being creative with our stories. After writing our narratives, we are going to focus on point of view and write our very own fractured fairy tale.


We are learning about fractions. Some students are learning about finding the greatest common factor, the least common multiple, and simplifying fractions. Other classes have started learning about comparing fractions and adding and subtracting fractions. The next chapter focuses on multiplying and dividing fractions.


We added critters to our aquariums and terrariums last week. We are now enjoying watching how these critters interact with each other and their environment. We observe our ecosystems daily to see how the living and nonliving things interact. We are also working on a food web project to learn more about the interactions between living things in environments. We have learned what producers are and how there are different types of consumers. We will soon begin to study how certain things can negatively impact environments.

Important Information & Dates

February 15th- No School (President's Day)

February 17th- Spring Conference Form Due

February 18th- AT Field Trip

February 23rd- Science Test