Natural Home Day Care

Just like Family... With Love!

Takes a village to raise a child!

I know there are alot of mothers out there trying to work and take care of their children! Sometimes it can get hard and you need a little help every now and than! Well, I'm here.. I'm helping our families by being there for them when they need a babysitter for those times they need to get to work or just need to go to the doctors! We all know that we need a little help every now and than so, I also offer very low rates! Why charge you a arm and a leg knowing we are all out here trying to survive!

This Home Daycare is for the community and for the young women who need to go out and work or even if you need to go out and look for work you have a babysitter! Natural Home Daycare is a start for you!

I know young lady's that need to go to school and they need help for them I watch the children for free! Yes.... I said Free!! Why? Because, Our young lady's still need to complete their education so they can support their children in years to come!
That is why we call our selves Natural Home Daycare because, we are working together in a Natural way!

Rates are flexible because, I work with you! No other Home Daycare will do that!

Cheapest Rate is $100.00 a week
My Hours are from 6am to 5pm

Renee Grey
10 Atterbury Ave.
Trenton, N.J. 08618

Call me for Questions : 252-762-8999 ask for Miss RENEE