Eric Jones, Ethan Kearney


Josh Hutcherson

Miley Cyrus

Josh Hutcherson


Peeta, in "The Hunger Games" (2013)

Sean, in "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island" (2012)

Nod, in "Epic" (2013)

Relevance - Has been on Saturday Night Live and has starred in many movies with varying roles showing he is a very good actor.

Triple Threat Score-

Singing: 6

Dancing: 7

Acting: 9

Josh Hutcherson Has Some Basketball Skill (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

Miley Cyrus as Sandy Olsen


Lola in "LOL" (2012)

Miley Stuart in "Hannah Montana" (2006-2011)

Relevance - She has been a huge actor and singer her whole life. She has a ton of hits. Here are some of them:

"Party in the USA" (2009)

"The Climb" (2009)

"Cant be Tamed" (2010)

Triple Threat Score -

Singing: 9

Dancing: 7


Miley Cyrus - The Climb - Official Music Video (HQ)