A Diamond in the Desert

Scott Gibbons

Gila River Baseball-A Diamond in the Desert by Kathryn Fitzmaurice

This story is about a Japanese boy named Tetsu and how he stays in an internment camp in Arizona. He stays there from August of 1942 until the Spring of 1945. They were forced to go there after the bombing of pearl harbor. Lots of interesting things happen here. First, they made a baseball field with his friends Kyo, Ben, and Zuke. Other major parts of the story talk about how to get out of the camp and his sister, Kishi, running away from camp.

Tetsu finds many conflicts along the way. But the big conflict is a character vs. society conflict. He is trying to live in a new society than what he was used to. He had never lived in a place like Gila River so it was difficult for him to make friends there and live there

Tetsu only found one thing about Gila River that he liked. Ben and Kyo’s dad was a baseball coach before they came here. They decided to make a ballpark. After weeks of pulling out sagebrush and rocks, it was done. The day they were going to use it for the first time, Tetsu had to bring his little sister, Kishi to the latrine. Tetsu said he wanted to play baseball and he wasn't going to wait for her to get out. Kishi didn't like that. She threatened to run away from camp just like Tetsu has been doing. She had never been out of Gila River before. Tetsu thought she wouldn't do that and ran off to the field. When Tetsu came back to his street, he saw his mom crying. Kishi had ran away. Frantically, Tetsu gathered friends to look around camp. He and his friends looked for her in every street of the camp, but they couldn't find her. Tetsu ran out of the camp looking for her sister. The next day he went out to the desert to find her. He continued looking for her and he found her under a tree. He ran over her and carried her to the hospital, she was sick. Tetsu gets a job to carry supplies into a truck. But one day, he recognized a voice at his job. His own father! He ran up to him and hugged him as hard as he could. It felt like things were getting a lot better. Kishi was better, and now he found his dad. At the end of the story, he got to go back to California. His new house was close to his old house. He felt very happy to be out of Gila River and be with his family again.

Talented Tetsu

Tetsu is the main character in the book A Diamond in the Desert by Kathryn Fitzmaurice. Throughout the book, Tetsu is caring. On page 131, when his sister Kishi was in the hospital, Tetsu made a fish pond for her. It took a lot of work. He did it because he cared and loved his sister. On page 105, when his sister ran away, Tetsu immediately when to find her out in the desert. He could have died out there but he was determined to find his sister. But he never gave up; he found her.

Story Place in Time

December 7, 1941- Attack on Pearl Harbor
November 7, 1944- Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected president of the United States
April 30, 1945- Adolf Hitler committed suicide because he knew he was going to lose World War II
September 2, 1945- The Japanese surrendered from World War II
March, 1958- The Beatles formed their band to be one of the best rock bands
January 3, 1959- Alaska became part of the United States
November 22, 1963- The 35th president of the United States, John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas Texas
September 11, 2001- Nearly 3,000 people died when a group called al-Qaeda hijacked four passenger jets and crashed into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon