Cardiac Imaging Reasearcher

Naomi Rodriguez

Job Description

Cardiac imaging offers a look at the cardiac anatomy including the vascular structures, aiding in evaluating cardiac function and cardiac output. Imaging of the coronary arteries and measuring the flow velocities within the vascular structures are additional benefits of cardiac MRI.

Education Needed:

  • Bachelor's degree in biology or health science.
  • Completion of a pre-med program and faculty recommendation are required by some medical schools.
  • Medical school (four years in length)
  • Post-medical school residencies and internships may be 3-8 years in length.

Pay Scale

median annual salary for physicians and surgeons was $111,830 a year.

Where would you be working?

Most work in a public or private hospital or private radiology practice. They are there to help other doctors diagnose and treat illness.