A Guide to Parent Pickup & Drop Off

Probably should have sent this out before now

But hope that each of you subscribe to the theory of "better late than not at all". We think that a little information goes a long way and will try to pass forward the knowledge that we have gleaned over the years.

Parent Pickup and Drop off only occurs in the front of the school (exceptions noted below)

We will be placing cones to prevent cars from forming a inside lane.

  1. If you are one of the many folks who pick up your children, please pull forward as far as possible.

  2. If your child has not made it to your car AND there is room in front of you, please pull forward.

Once you have your child in your car AND are past the crosswalk, you can pull to the left and pass cars that are still waiting for their children.


Bus lane can be used before 7:30 and after 4:45 to drop off and pickup our students who have before /after school practices. Please do not park in the bus lane.