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What are Skills for Success?

Skills for Learning


Consistency and structure are very important for children and adolescents, especially after our lives were changed in many ways from the pandemic. The pandemic caused many families to feel like they don't have any control, especially when it comes to kids behavior. Creating a daily or weekly schedule is very helpful for students to get back into in-person school learning. Schedules create structure and predictability. Work with your child or family to create a routine that works best for you.

Sample of how to set up a daily schedule

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Time Management for Kids | Character Education

Create sleep routines

One of the best things families can do to set kids up for success during in-person learning is to create a sleep schedule. Sleep is important so that kids can recharge their brains and have more mental space to learn. Research has also shown that kids have who have good sleep feel calmer and make better decisions.
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Remind children of school expectations

When coming back to in-person learning, it is important that we remind our children of school expectations. We know that at home, rules and expectations might have looked different during online learning. Going back in person is a hard transition for some students, to help keep everyone safe, kind, courteous, and fair please remind your students of how behaviors can look different on campus.
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Read Alouds that can help foster success

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