By: Elizabeth Amaya and Andrew Nash

What to Do in a House Fire!!!

House fires can be extremely treacherous, and are more dangerous than some people think. To prevent house fires before it happens make sure there are smoke alarms in every bedroom and every floor. You need two ways to get out of any room. During a house fire get low and go! Crawl away and under the smoke. Keep your head low. If smoke is blocking the door use a second way. If you're not sure if there is a fire outside your door put the back of your hand against it to feel if it is hot. If it is, don't go out that way, use your second way.There could possibly be a fire right outside your door. Once you get out of the building don't go back in there!!! Make sure you have a fire escape plan with your family and a place to meet outside.

Make Sure to Save Your Family First!!!!!!

How House Fires Start

  • The number one way to start a fire is in the kitchen. When you are cooking make sure to turn off the stove when you are done. Keep an eye on the food while cooking. But, if you are having a barbecue outside, make sure to keep the grill a good distance from the sitting area and tables(about 10 feet).
  • In 2010 heating equipment wasn't used properly and was responsible for about 57,000 house fires.Most of the time it starts in the chimney area,other times it could be the heaters.
  • Improperly used electricity is the fourth leading cause of house fires. It is responsible for $817 million in the damage every year. Electrical fires also can start by frayed wires.
  • Smoking is the fifth leading cause of house fires. Smoking kills 580 people a year and injures 1,280. If you do smoke (YOU SHOULD STOP!!) make sure to extinguish the cigarette before throwing it away.

Fun Facts

1. The U.S.A has one of the highest fire death rates every year.

2. About 100 firefighters are killed every year.

3. About 2 million fires are reported.

4. Cooking is the leading cause of house fires.

5. Every year more than 3,800 people die of house fires.

Vocab Words to Know

Smoke alarms- sensors attached to the ceiling that sound an alarm when they sense smoke

Fire extinguisher- A fire protection device that sprays foam and is used to help put out small fires

Oxygen- The air that we breathe. Fires need oxygen in order to burn

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