Woodlawn Early Years School

November 2019 Newsletter

Principal's Message

Student Led Conferences - November 21 from 4:30 - 8:20 pm for Kindergarten to Grade 4 Students

Student led conferences are an opportunity to meet with your child's teacher and to see the wonderful work that has been happening in the classroom during this past term. In the Kindergarten classes, centers will be set up and the children will guide their parents through these centers. The Kindergarten teachers will be interacting with students and their parents as they move from center to center. In grades 1-4, the teacher will conference with you and your child for a ten minute period. Your child and teacher will share his/her learning with you. Children and parents are invited to be in the room for an additional 10 minutes after your conference time to allow sufficient time for browsing and discussing the learning. If you have an appointment scheduled at 4:30, please do not come early. The teachers will be having a quick supper and preparing for the evening, so I ask that you respect the 4:30 start time.

Communication about learning can occur effectively in student involved and student led conferences. The more student involvement there is, the more effectively the communication can support learning.

Please be aware that there may be more than one family in the classroom at the same time. If you or the teacher feel an additional private conversation is warranted without your child or another family present, this can be scheduled at a separate time, before or after the student led evening and can take place face to face or by telephone. This can be requested from either yourself or your child's teacher. Please feel free to request this from your child's teacher if required.

All parents are asked to register for student led conferences for each of their children through the parent portal. If you do not have a parent portal account set up yet and need the access code information for your child/children please contact Janette Koop at the school office. For your convenience there is a laptop at the office that may be used to book your appointments through your parent portal account.

Karen Fraser

Vice Principal's Message

This past month, we learned about bus safety. We learned about the many ways we can be safe while on the bus and getting on and off the bus.

This year, we have also introduced "Home Time Shout Outs". The end of the day is a busy time as our kids are trying to safely get to their bus, their rides, or to walk home. Our Home Time Shout Outs is a way to recognize and promote safe and kind behaviours for these end of day routines. If students receive a shout out, their Shout Out gets posted on our bulletin board and they get to choose a prize. Here is what we are looking for:

(1) Crossing Safely: For students and families that need to cross our busy streets, we are looking to see that they are crossing with our crossing guards. We have a crossing guard on Barkman Street, Henry Street (in front of our school), and when kids are crossing the parking lot on the side walks. We ask our kids and families to wait safely behind the crossing guard until they tell them it is safe to cross.

(2) Bus Captains: We have many bus captains (mainly grade 4 students) who help out in the bus lines. They have jobs that include leaving at the appropriate time from their classrooms, picking up Kindergarten students, modeling safe and kind behaviours, and getting help from the bus duty teachers when necessary.

(3) Waiting for the Bus: With so many of our kids waiting for the bus, we need everyone to be kind and safely wait for their bus to arrive. Our kids need to use the correct doors to make their way out to the bus and they need to go straight to the bus (not playing on the play structure). When in their lines, they either need to sit down or stand as they wait for their bus. They need to keep their hands and feet to themselves and treat everyone with respect and kindness.

(4) Waiting for a Ride: Kids that are getting picked up need to go to their meeting places and wait safely for their parents. If the person picking them up is not where they thought, we encourage kids to come back to the office so we can assist them.

(5) Walking Home: For our students walking home, we ask that they go straight home. If they are crossing the street, they need to do so with the crossing guards. Once they are past the crossing guards, they need to be careful and always watch out for cars.

Tara Reimer

Report Cards

Report cards for Grade 1 - 4 students will be issued on Tuesday, November 19th. If you would like to view your student's report card in your PowerSchool Parent Portal account please select the receive electronic reports option.

If you have not yet set up a Parent Portal account please click on the button below and follow the instructions on the HSD website to set up your account. If you need your student's access code please email jakoop@hsd.ca or phone the school. If you have any issues setting up your account please call the school office at 204-326-6110.


Student Led Conferences will take place the evening of November 21, 2019 starting at 4:30 pm. For your convenience, you will be able to book appointments for your child/children through your parent portal account starting November 5th.

If you have not set up a parent portal account yet and need the access code information for your child please call the school office. If you are having issues signing into your account please contact the school. There is a laptop available at the office which can be used to sign into your account to book your appointment. We encourage all parents to book their appointments using the parent portal.

Spenst Brothers Pizza Fundraiser

Woodlawn School's PAC is holding a pizza fundraiser to support our school with the Outdoor Play Area project. Students were given fundraising forms to take home last week. Order forms are due at the school on Thursday, November 7th.. Pizzas will be available for pick up on Wednesday, November 20th from 3:30-6:00 pm, in the parking lot of the Christian Fellowship Church , 417 Hanover Street (across from the school).

Please make cheques payable to Woodlawn PAC.

If you have any questions or concerns about this fundraiser please contact:

Carla at cjdueck@hotmail.com or Melissa at mgjoli@hotmail.com

Drive Away Hunger

In recognition of World Food Day, our school participated in the Farm Credit Canada Drive Away Hunger program and collected donations of food for people in our area.

A huge thank you to everyone who gave towards this year's campaign. Together we collected 876 pounds of food and other much needed items! All these donations go to our local food bank, South East Helping Hands, to feed and help families in our community. Thank you for your generosity!

Picture Retake Day is Coming

Mark your calendars for picture retake day which is Friday, November 8, 2019. Please call the school office at 204-326-6110 if you would like a picture retake for your child/children.
Kindergarten parents of students in KG2, KM2 and KN2: Please bring your child to school for 10:00 am on November 8th if they require a retake.

Order portraits now at mylifetouch.ca. using picture day ID QL919382Q0. Click on the link below. Please contact Lifetouch at 1-866-457-8212 if you have any questions about picture orders.

Hot Lunch Information


Pizza is $2.00 per slice. Students place their order with their teacher first thing Wednesday mornings. For your convenience we have tickets available that are sold in sheets of 10 for $20.00. Tickets can be purchased from the school office. Please make cheques for pizza tickets payable to Woodlawn School.


Hot lunch tickets for Friday hot lunches are now available for purchase at the school office. A sheet of 12 tickets is available for $39.00. Students place their order with their teacher first thing on Friday mornings. Please check the Woodlawn November calendar for the Friday Hot Lunch options. Please make cheques for Friday Hot Lunch tickets payable to Woodlawn PAC.

Friday Hot Lunch Options for November are:

Chicken Noodle Soup & a Bun or

1/2 Turkey Wrap or

Pasta (Fettuccine)

Each item is $3.25

If you are sending cash with your child to pay for pizza or hot lunch, please send exact change.

Music News - Gr. 3 & 4 Christmas Concert

Save the Date!

Woodlawn's Grade 3 & 4 Christmas Concert will be on Thursday, December 12th at the Emmanuel Evangelical Free Church, 360 McKenzie Avenue.

Performances are at 2:00 pm & 7:00 pm.


All urban bus routes are posted on the HSD website with times and maps. Any urban or rural bus that will be late due to weather or mechanical issues is listed on the HSD website under the bus delay tab.

Go to the drop down menu of Serviceswhere you can choose:

1. School Bus Delay Bulletins where any bus that is late is posted with the approximate delay.

2. Steinbach Urban Bus Routes - Scroll down to select Woodlawn School and then select your bus number.

Thank you for checking these options before calling the Hanover School Division Transportation Department with your questions regarding bus delays and Steinbach urban bus routes times and maps. Any questions for transportation please call 204-320-2347.

Student Safety

If your child will be late or absent please notify the school in one of the following ways:

**Leave a voicemail at 204-326-6110 anytime

**Email woodlawn@hsd.ca and your child's teacher (teacher's emails available on our website at woodlawn.hsd.ca/about/staff/)

**Enter an absence request through your Parent Portal account

**Write a note in your child's agenda

**Phone the school at 204-326-6110 before 9:00

As a safety measure our policy is to phone home if we have not heard from the parent/guardian of an absent student. If necessary we will also phone workplaces and emergency contacts to make sure the student is safe. Any student that is arriving late (after 9:05) is to check in at the office before proceeding to class.


If it is necessary to pick up your child/children during the school day (9:05-3:45) please sign them out at the office. Your child may not be in their homeroom when you come for them, please allow yourself some extra time before appointments when picking up your children. We ask parents/guardians to avoid picking up children during their activity break (11:05-11:30 and 1:10-1:35 for Kindergarten students or 11:30-11:55 and 1:35-2:00 for Gr. 1-4 students) as supervisors are busy supervising outside and will not be able to easily locate your child.

The end of the day dismissal time for all students is 3:45.


In the interest of maximizing learning time in the classroom and keeping interruptions to a minimum, please make "home time" arrangements (including school pick up times, appointments and other arrangements) with your child(ren) before they leave for school in the morning.

Please write a note in your child's agenda if home time arrangements are different from your normal routine, whether your child is to go home with someone else, or to wait at the office to be picked up. Notes in the agenda will help to eliminate confusion for the student and teacher at the end of the school day (3:45).

**If you must phone the school regarding hometime arrangements for your child please do so before 2:45.

Shake, Rattle & Roll

Woodlawn School and Hanover Parent and Child Community Program present:

Shake Rattle & Roll

Hanover Parent Child Community Program and participating schools present Shake Rattle and Roll! This is a free program offered to preschool children and their parents to promote physical movement. The facilitator will lead the one hour session promoting movement, coordination, listening skills, following directions, and cooperative play. No registration is required, just join in the fun!

The English Program will run at the Southwood School Gym on the following Wednesdays from 4:00 - 5:00 pm :

November 5, 19, 26

January 7, 14, 21, 28

February 4, 11, 18, 25

March 3, 10, 17, 24

The German Program will run at the Woodlawn School Gym on the following Thursdays from 5:00 - 6:00 pm:

November 7, 14, 21, 28

January 9, 16, 23, 30

February 6, 13, 20, 27

March 5, 12, 19, 26

Healthy Living

Each month Southern Health provides valuable information on health and nutrition for parents and children. Please click the button for this month's information.