President of the United States

By: Josh Blaha

Brack H. Obama is the 44th President of the USA. With a father from Kenya and a Mothe from Kanses. Obama was born in Hawiia Agest 4th 1961. He was rased withe help from his grandpa who was in Pattin's Army and a grandma thet worked at a bank. Obama went threw grad school with good grades. Obama is married to meshell Obama

Obama made his way threw Collage. Obama got a student loan and a scolership thet helped him pay for the trip and moved to chicogo. He attended Law school where he became the first African - Amarican president of Harvard Law Revew. He returned to Chicogo to help a group of Churches.

President Obama's years of Public Service helped him a lout. In Illiones the state Senite he passed the first major ethenicts reform in 25 years. He reached across the aisel to pass groundbraking lobby reform lock up the Worlds most dangrest wepons ond bring transparisey to goverment. Obama was alected the 44th president on november 4th 2009 He and his wife Meshell are proud to present ther two dotters Malia 14 and Sashsa 11.

And Obama is still president today in 2013!