Achilles Tendonitis

By: Max Phillips

What is it?

Achilles Tendonitis is a disorder that affects your muscular system.

How it Works and when its not working

Your achilles is a tendon on the back of your ankle that connects your calf muscle to you heel. It helps you walk when it is functioning correctly. When not, it swells up and you feel a sharp pain. It hurts to run walk up a steep incline.

Population affected

Both male and female are affected by Achilles Tendonitis. The most common sports that cause Achilles Tendonitis are basketball players and runners. According to a recent study, the people that are most affected by Achilles Tendonitis are the U.S.A and European population. In a review of charts that were produced by the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, PA, 400 people, 331 males and 69 females were diagnosed with Achilles Tendonitis over a 10-year period. The African American race was at a lower probability of getting Achilles Tendonitis. 7 out of 100,000 athletes will get Achilles Tendonitis.

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How it occurs

Achilles Tendonitis is a disorder that happens when you put repeated stress on your ankle. Mostly Basketball players, runners, football players.


The doctor determines that you have is disorder if there is a tenderness when touched. The doctor can also tell if the back of the foot is puffed up and swollen. The doctor might also have you do some heel exercises.

Signs and Symptoms

Pain, swelling above the heel and ankle. Pain in the lower leg. Gets worse when doing physical activities. Stiffness in the morning. Cracking in the ankle when moved.


One of the treatments for this disorder is the R.I.C.E formula. The R.I.C.E formula is rest, ice, compress, elevate. Another treatment option is doing a series of exercises that the doctor show you. You can also get surgery on it. The Doctor makes an incision right above your heel bone. The Doctor finds the two ends of the ligament and sews them back together.


Your life expectancy will not be affected by this disorder.

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