Relationship Bank Account

The stuff that life is made of


This account I'm about to tell you about is basically about who are you in a relationship with why. And how are your relationship with your family, friends, teachers and other things like parents etc. They could be bad, good or alright you know never.I am gonna tell ya'll somethings about Keeping promises, Be loyal, Do small acts of kindness, Listening, Say you're sorry and Setting clear expectations. Keep promises is a big part of life because some people can keep and other not really. If your a good friend or family member you want tell any one unless they really need to. The reason why they tell you promises is because they can have friend to count on and they trust. Being loyal is also a big thing you need in boyfriends / Girlfriends, friends, family and also teachers. It really express your personality. When you do small acts of kindness you do stuff to make people happy and make them feel good. When you listening you can learn a lot that you did know. And also you may need these for yourself or world wide problems. Say sorry for something you have done mean to something and you may have hurt there feelings. Just by you saying sorry could change there feeling and how they feel. When you say something have a clear expectations when you telling something because someone couldn't have a clear understanding. Just sit back and think about things like this, you could really relate.

Relationship Account

Sample Relationship Account

This could help many people with there relationship with there family, friends and other people. These could help you and make you feel good and would want to change your ways. Many people are wanting things like this and i have wrote about it to express how ya'll are feeling.