Community Newsletter: Making this our #BestYearYet

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Red Ribbon Week starts Monday!

We had a short two days of learning but it was a productive two days! Red Ribbon Week is waiting for us on Monday and we have dress up days for each day along with contests all week and a door decorating contest! We are excited to get back to a full week of learning!

On Monday, we will do the GMAS Field Test in 7th grade ONLY. This practice test will be Monday and Tuesday. We do not see any results from this test, we are strictly a pilot.

The Kona Ice Truck will be here on Friday! Bring your cups or your dollars for a refreshing mid-day treat!

Please make sure that you are signed up for my REMIND, as well as the grade level REMINDS so you don't miss a beat! Quarter two is going to be as fast and elite as quarter one and you don't want to miss a beat!

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Monday- #CelebrateMonday, WELCOME back! RED RIBBON WEEK- Wear RED, Field Test for 7th grade

Tuesday- #TerrificTuesday, Field Test for 7th graders-- RED RIBBON WEEK

Wednesday- #WinWednesday, RED RIBBON WEEK

Thursday-#ThankfulThursday, RED RIBBON WEEK, School Board Meeting at BCHS!

Friday- #FocusFriday, RED RIBBON WEEK, KONA ICE


October 31st- Scholars of the Month September celebration

October 31st, ALL School Freaky Fun Hat Day!

November 1st Basketball Tryouts: Stay tuned for more information!

November 7th- Community University night! Stay tuned for details!

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ELITE active engagement activity in 8th grade math!

Donations needed for CLUBS!

Clubs are going great-- but we are looking for donations. We are thankful for our PTO as they work with us to get us some supplies! If you have any of these items not being used at your home and you would like to donate, we would be very grateful!


*Gardening Tools- pots, small hand held tools

*Games (Board-- any)

*Chess Games

*Cards, matching, basic cards, UNO

* Art:Craft Supplies- markers, glitter, glue, paper

* Books- any MS novels

* Cooking tools- spatulas, measuring cups, small

Mixing bowls, towels, mixing spoons, cookie sheets

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Georgia Milestone Fall Field Test

This fall, our 7th grade scholars will be participating in a Field Test for the Georgia Milestones Test. The testing will take around 2 periods of 2 days and will be given the week of October 23rd. This test will not be scored. BCMS will not get any data on scholars after this test, it is solely a test run for the Georgia DOE. We are excited about the opportunity to practice our test taking skills on standardized assessments. If you have questions, please call the school.

We will test Monday October 23rd and Tuesday October 24th.

Here is the letter for our families of seventh graders: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1twsGmE_Wu9QXQAss1S3Eo2VgplkNHStWIboN_y27MDQ/edit?usp=sharing

Map Testing- Reports and Goals

Our scholars take the MAP test three times a year: Fall/Winter/Spring. We are using our Fall Reading RIT scores to watch our progress in reading. Literacy is a school wide focus for us this year and we are committed to grow readers!

MAP testing is a great way for our scholars to show how much they have grown and an awesome way for us as teachers to use this data in our planning and lesson designs. MAP tests are designed to measure growth over time, so that makes them very different than our "state tests" known as Georgia Milestones. MAP tests give you tons of great information in regards to achievement at this moment. Here is a great article to read that will give you more information in regards to MAP testing.


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Notes from Ms. Raeburn

Quarter two has started strong! I am proud to say I am in classrooms daily and the quality of instruction is my focus. This week, I was asked to give a brief "snapshot" of what is happening at BCMS at our working session school board meeting. I connected it with my personal goal of giving 500 high fives each day and named it my "Top 5 High 5s of BCMS" They are:

1. Our intense focus on Literacy and Reading across the schoolhouse

2. Our focus on our culture and climate and making sure our scholars know we believe in them and learning is FUN!

3. WIN time! for enrichment and remediation


5. The Innovation Center- our weekly Professional Learning for our teachers, designed by our teachers.

I am proud of our efforts this school year as we continue to work hard to increase our student achievement!

Please take some time to read our School and Parent Compact form. We sent them home last week and need the signed copy returned. If you need another copy, please call us and we can send one home. You can also read the compact here:


We are proud of the relationship we are building with our families and our parents are we work to grow our scholars!

On October 31st we are allowing scholars to wear hats to school for free! They can wear spooky hats or halloween themed hats, but not heads of costumes, please!

Thank you for being proactive and for supporting our school and our passion work! I am proud to be your principal and would love to hear from you! If you have a concern or a comment, please do not hesitate to email or call me: eraeburn@bryan.k12.ga.us or 912-626-5050 or 912.255.0630.

Thank you for your partnership and commitment to making #BeBCMS the best middle school on the planet!

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Impact Aid Forms

Two weeks ago we sent home Impact Aid forms. If you are military, please complete the form and send it back to us. If you need another copy, please let us know!
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PTO update!

Ghost - Grams are on sale during breakfast and during lunch periods. The price will be $1.00 for two blow-pop type suckers dressed up as ghosts. Ghost grams will be delivered to students on October 31st. We will not be dressing up for Halloween, but we will have an all school HAT day on Tuesday October 31st. #Spooky

We are so thankful for our PTO and their support!

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Whatever I Need!

WIN period is an elite time for our scholars to work on goal setting, grade checking, acceleration of curriculum, and enrichment. Please ask your child what goals they are working on during WIN time! The more we talk about goals and we model that having goals is critical, the more they will work to achieve them! Clubs is running great! I love seeing all the scholars discovering new interests and passions!

The current WIN Schedule looks like this:

Monday- Goal setting and Grade Checking- Goals are set based on Reading RIT MAP scores

Tuesday- Enrichment and Remediation Rotations begin!

Wednesday- Enrichment/Remediation/Kindness Rotations

Thursday- Enrichment/Remediation/Kindness Rotations

Friday- Clubs !

Tribe Shop- Opening Soon!

Our TRIBE shop will be open for business soon! Check out the ELITE Bryan County gear that will be on sale! All money raised will go to our Clubs! We will have the cutest and hottest gear in North Bryan! Check us out!

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Ms. Liz Raeburn, Proud Principal, Bryan County Middle School

Mr. Keith Wright, Assistant Principal and Director of Athletics

Mr. Abram Scott, Assistant Principal