The French Bombing Massacre



Racism. Racism exists in many places in the US. In fact, no matter what state you go to, there will be racism. Why are people so scared of Muslims? Its because people have gone under the assumption that every Muslim they see is a terrorist. Our country has shut its borders in some places because we are taking actions at protections our country from threats. Martin Luther King Jr. hated the idea that there was no equality. And not just for black people, but also for and other ethnicities. We compared results of various sources and found that not even half the attacks in the US were from Muslim extremists. That's how much our focus is on if a Muslim group attacks some other group or country.

Why is this topic important?

This topic is extremely important because this deals with real life terror attacks aimed at harming people. This attack that happened in Paris was by ISIS, who are a militant group. They are one of the US's main enemies because of their growing numbers, and their repeated acts of aggression aiming to strike fear at anyone who tries to stand in their way. Also this deals with racism towards the average Muslims, which we'll get back to at the end.

Facts Already Known

-The attack was in Paris, France on November 13

-Isis admitted to being responsible for the bombs

-More than 120 people died

-300 plus people were injured

Facts That Aren't as Well Known

-The US have stopped allowing Syrian refugees to come into the country

-A bomb went of at the Stade de France during the France vs Germany game

-During a police raid 4 attackers were killed with 3 wearing explosive belts

-This attack has motivated France to join the US in fighting Isis

Questions that we have.

-What was Isis's goal in bombing Paris?

-Why did Isis choose to bomb Paris?

-What are other countries doing to protect themselves?

-Who is Isis's next target?

-How long has Isis been planning this attack?

-What does Isis plan to gain in getting all of these enemies?

What would MLK say?

Regarding this event MLK would be very disappointed. The bombing in Paris involved a group of Muslims targeting people who aren't Muslim. In a way the event that happened in Paris could be considered an act of racism from Isis towards non Muslims. He would also be disappointed in the fact that in the US when people see a Muslim they would assume that they are a terrorist. As a final note MLK would have something to say in the US not allowing Saudi refugees.

Is there racism in the US towards Muslims?

"Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslim," (Dean). Overwhelmingly, we still see racism in our country today. Even in our own country. For example a white woman went to an Applebee's for an average eating out night. Later during her dinner, she saw a Muslim woman who wasn't speaking English, so she grabbed here beer mug, and smashed it across the face of the Muslim woman. Thats not the only incident involving racism towards a Muslim. You always see the crazy posts by people on all social media sites, or apps, which portray an average Muslim looking like a terrorist. In fact, a recent study was produced in which only 6% of the terror attacks were because of Muslims. The major other 42% was actually Latinos. The rest of the percentile consists of numerous other ethnic backgrounds. It's a fact that whenever a latino commits a high crime, it isn't put up as hugelly as it is when a Muslim does.


Changes that I would like to see in this topic is Isis stopping their attacks on other countries. Another change would be a lot of people would think that all Muslims are terrorists. Unfortunately Isis most likely won't stop their attacks until they are either defeated or get what they want.

BOMB Explosion during France vs Germany | Terrorist Attack in Paris 2015, 13 November


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