Pharmacy Demo Plan

By Laiq

Date and Time

June 6th 2016

Time: 12:30pm


I will be teaching you how to use the cash register and the how to alphabetically sort medication. The cash register is used to store the collected money form customer,complete transactions using cards and return change after the transaction is complete. The medication is sorted alphabetically so it is convenient and fast to find the medication and keep the work in flow.


I have chosen to teach these tasks because they are an important part of the business. At the cash register you must be fast and efficient while dealing with the customers transaction so they are satisfied but you must also be careful while handling cash since trouble may arise if something with the transaction goes wrong. Keeping the medication in order keeps the work flow smooth since you can find the medication of the customer easily and keep them satisfied while reducing wait time.

Detail of Activity

1.Greet Customer

2.Ask how you can assist them

3.If they are picking up medication ask for their last name

4.Search through the medication alphabetically

5.Confirm address and first name

6.Scan the bar code on medication

7.Repeat the price to the customer

8.Ask how they are paying

9.If paying by cash then collect cash and return change

10.If paying card, select card option on the machine and instruct them to use the card machine to complete their transaction.

11.First copy that comes out of machine you put in the receipt binder and the second you give to the customer

12.Ask them to stand to the side so they get counseled

13.Ask Pharmacist to counsel them

Required Skills



Approved Date and Time


Signature of placement supervisor