How Babies Think ?

By : Summa Morrison

Are Babies Smart

When you think of babies you tend to think about diapers and laughter it's funny because babies might be smarter than adults. they take in a lot of information than the average adult. Babies/Toddlers Are Known As Little Science Genius because they can think in ways adults can and show that they do, When doing a hypotheses we only do about 1 or 2 hypotheses because we think we know it all but , they make about 5 and test them out and in only 2 mins.(Schulz). Scientist say that more peoples are getting included of finding things on how smart babies are or just things about babies.(Schulz).Babies also can use their imaginations for a lot of things like friends and "people" to play with. But how fast can they learn?

How Babies Learn ??

Scientist say babies can learn lots of information in a short amount of time (Lehrer). Not just by trying to teach them but also by just sitting there and watching the things around them. Their has been ways found to detect these fast learning habits from babies, But have not yet been shown.Babies have been made out just to be a little person that eats and that poops all day. But in reality they are way smarter than that. Babies can teach you in a way if you see the way children play it shows you that you can open your mind and do something that you wouldn't think of.


I did something with my nephew, i had a toy that lights up and when it was in my hands it would light up and play music and when he would have it it wouldn't do anything , he would get mad and pass it back to me to make it light up and it did. That went on for about 15 mins till he finally was able to turn it on and make it light which is really smart for a 1 year old
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Gopnik, Alison a Expert in child development