Mega Regional Speakers

Thank You for Sharing Your Knowledge!

Speaker Information Form

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm at Mega-Regional. We have three types of presenters this year:


Your Job:

  • Come up with five thought provoking questions for your topic.
  • Facilitate the panel sessions by asking questions of the panel and keeping the session on topic.
  • Share the questions you will ask with your panel by Jan.18th. Connect with them via Facebook!
  • Fill out the form below in this email to submit your bio and headshot for our website no later than Monday, Jan. 18th.
    Print the questions and bring them with you.


Your Job:

  • Read the questions you get from your panel facilitator and come up with detailed responses that will be helpful to our audience.
  • Your facilitator will ask you questions and you will take turns sharing your knowledge! This is a relaxed and fun format!
  • You also need to fill out the form below in this email to submit your bio and headshot for website no later than Monday, Jan. 18th.


  • You have a 40 minute session to share your knowledge and expertise on your topic. Many speakers do power points or have some sort of visual.
  • Please fill out the form below in this email to submit your workshop information, bio and headshot for our website no later than Monday, Jan. 18th.

For Everyone!

How Long is the Panel or Workshop?

We have 40 minutes for each workshop. It is really important to keep to a schedule, so please practice and keep your workshop to 40 minutes.


This does not have to be a professional shot, but it does need to be a clear, close up photo.

Other Tips

Workshop Speakers and Panel Facilitators: Please announce the title of the workshop before you start and ask people to step outside if they have noisy infants. Also ask people to turn off the sound on their phones.

Questions from the Audience: If you have a workshop, please present to the end of the 40 minutes. Leaving a few minutes at the end for questions is fine, but remember you were asked to speak because we want to learn from YOU! We do not recommend allowing questions during your actual presentation. Do your presentation and THEN allow for questions. Allowing questions from the audience during your presentation will quickly derail your workshop!

Example Bio

Patty joined UBAM in 2008 as a hobby and to keep up with her book addiction. In the past four years Patty has earned a seat in The President’s Club. She has earned 4 trips and numerous national awards including Team Leader of the Year Honorable Mention and #2 in Personal Recruiting. What Patty enjoys most about this business is setting and achieving her goals and meeting lots of new people!

For Workshop Speakers Only

Example Title for Workshop Speakers

Build Your Business with a Steady Diet of Home Shows

Example Description for Workshop Speakers

Home Shows are an important nutrient your business needs to grow big! If you struggle with having consistent home shows on your calendar or are new to this business, this workshop is your best diet! Mary will show you several different methods to book shows, and how to intentionally plan your month so that your business always has a steady diet of home shows.

Visuals for Workshop Speakers

Less is more for Powerpoints

Be image driven, most are visual learners

Avoid too much text on each slide

Thank you!!

Mega-Regional Coordinators