The Ones Who Persevered

Maxcy Filer, Tom Harken, Noah Galleway, and Nick Vujicic

Noah Galloway

Noah Galleway is a Sergeant in the Military in the Iraq. He had triggered an I.E.D. which had blown up on him. He was sent to Germany to be tended for his wounds, which were his left leg and left arm being blown off. When he returned to the U.S. he had started drinking, he became depressed, and he fell out of shape. He then realized that he could do better then this and started to repair himself. He is now a motivational speaker, personal trainer, and has recently stared in ABC's Dancing With The Stars.
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Maxcy Filer

Maxcy Filer is a man who has tried to pass the California Bar exam many times but almost never succeeds. It takes him many years and loads of money to complete this test. But after his 48th try he had finally passed the test that has the highest failure rate in America.

Nick Vujicic

Tom Harten