Welcome GCSE-657

Technological Applications for Differentiating Instruction

Weclome to GCSE-657 this is the first lesson in the course. This welcome pages is designed to walk you through several pieces of the course: description, overview, format, objectives, and getting started materials.

Course Description

This course provides exposure and hands-on experience with software applications and instructional medias used to improve the education and meeting needs of diverse learners. Additional course concentrations include accessing, managing, purchasing, and recommending software and emerging technologies for today’s classroom. Students are required to plan a budget, and prepare technological training for professionals and aides. Three credits.

Course Overview

Students of all abilities are using technology to discover new ways to immerse themselves in learning. Students now have access to educational tools that allow them to enhance their learning, wherever and whenever. Teachers have opportunities to individualize instruction in ways that simply didn’t exist five to ten years ago. With a big push for inclusion and a growing awareness of the importance of universal learning tools, technology is helping to break down classroom barriers and merge the world of General Education and Special Education. By giving students the tools they need to succeed, teachers are opening doors for students of differing abilities to enhance their learning, invest in their future, and demonstrate knowledge in meaningful ways. This course is designed to provide exposure and hands-on experience with technology tools and resources which will empower the delivery of differentiated instruction and universal design for learning. In addition, this course will concentrate on assistive technology for students with special needs. Instruction will center on assessing, prescribing, purchasing, and implementing appropriate assistive technology devices in the classroom.

Contact Dr. Fecich

Tuesday July 7, 2015 - Tuesday August 18, 2014


Tuesdays, 6:00 pm -8:30 pm via Blackboard Elluminate

Face to Face: Saturday, July 25, 2015 from 9:00 am -3:00 pm in Carey 22

About your instructor: Dr. Samantha Fecich

Class Format

This class is going to be a "flipped format", meaning all lectures will be viewed by you the student at home. You will also need to read an article or two or view a video prior to attending class. You must come prepared to discuss the material given to you. Please note that the lectures have some form of interactive piece that requires you to respond. If at any time you are confused by the content in the lecture - please contact me via any of the channels listed about instructor. During class, we will be conducting discussions, role-plays, and projects around the given topic.

Course Objectives:

  1. Examine the role of technology as tools for differentiation.
  2. Advance students’ knowledge of technological tools and resources that are both meaningful and motivational for diverse learners.
  3. Encourage professional growth by using technology tools for reflection and collaboration.
  4. Make informed decisions with regard to types and levels of assistive technology devices and services and supports based on individual needs.
  5. Identify the benefits of technology for the individual with a disability.
  6. Identify ways of expanding opportunities for participation within settings that can accommodate wide ranges of differences in abilities and interests.

Getting started activity

  1. View the Welcome - Start here page
  2. Download and review the course syllabus located on the "Syllabus" page.
  3. Discussion Activity
  • Complete the discussion post listed under "Your classmates" page. (Under Contact and Discuss select Discussion board and select the discussion thread "introduce yourself" or click on "your classmates" under About instructor & classmates section)
  • Be sure to respond to 2 peers' responses.
4. Make sure you have:5. View the tutorials located in the "Blackboard Support" page. Complete activities in folder.

6. Create a Twitter account (professional use). We will be using Twitter as a way to communicate outside of class and to share resources. Review the Twitter how to page (located on the left hand side navigation under Welcome - Start here)

7. Navigate to week 1 and complete 2 PDF readings