Royal Constitution

Sam Hegland: Editor-in- Chief

Horrors of the Coal Industry

Ludlow, CO-The workers experience a lot of horrors while working at coal mines because of who is working there is children who are in a dark place who are tired, hunger. They should be in school but instead there down in the earth with pick axes mining away to from dawn to dusk. There a boys who are known as trapper boys. They stand there all day open and closing the trap door allowing the mine carts to go through the door are supposed to be closed to make sure the air goes to where the miners are working. There are boys who are called greasers the put grease on the axles of the mine cart to keep it going smoothly. At least hundreds of children work in the mines from mourning to evening. Children should be at school not in are damp dark mine full of dust.

United States Takes Down The Philippiens

Manila, Philippines-The Philippines had been a nation that U.S. had wanted to annex the Philippines for a long time. We wanted it for a economic and strategic value to increases are country over seas. Are Relationship was not very good because they thought that they were just exchanging a ruler and they were fighting with Spain. On Feb, 6 1899 Congress allowed us to annex the Philippines. Emilio Aguinaldo Had already set up a government. He was captured in 1901. We went to war when the war ended about 4,000 U.S. solders and 220,000 had died do to disease.

Teddy's Acts For Food

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Washington D.C.- I believe what Roosevelt did by created Meat Inspection Act help with the Progressive urban problem with the meat industry. Before the act I saw some the most disgusting thing that I saw at meat processing plant were that some poultry sellers put formaldehyde, which is a chemical use in dead bodies for embalming. The way to fix these problem are motioning and enforce the act.

"I Want You At The Nearest Recruiting Station"

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Boston, MA-This is one of the most famous U.S. propaganda use by the U.S. Army it was use to convince men to join the war effort. It has a hero or patron on it named Uncle Sam who did not really existed he base of Samuel Wilson a meat-packer in the War Of 1812. He was latter nicknamed Uncle Sam. He has been a hero for hundreds of years so it was very likely to be printed on propaganda of this time during wars.


For Sale: "Type Fast Instead of Writing out those Boring Letters" Typewriter Starting $101 E. Remington and Sons, Ilion, NY.

For Sale: "We got a way of keeping food clod and not hot" Frigidaire starting at $285.000 Frigidaire Charlotte, NC.
Wanted: "Put an end to Tammany Hall" Tomas Nast, Harper Magazine, New York, NY
Wanted: "Food can win the war" U.S Food Administration, Washington D.C
Services: "Keeping nature in line and as clean as possible" U.S. Forest Service, Washington D.C.
Services: "Women can win the war too" switchboard operators(Hello Girls), U.S. Army Signal Corps, Washington D.C.

The Battle Of Blood

Paris, France-The Battle of Somme was one of the worst battles in history. It took place in France near the Somme River. It lasted from July 1 to November 1 during 1912. The countries who were involved are Great Britain, France, Germany. This has been most remembered because of casualties of about 1.5 million. The allies planned it to be a breakthrough in the war because the French and German were in stalemate. The British use artillery to gain an advancement but it did not do much because some of the bombs did not explode and most of the Germans fortifications (deface). On July 1916 the British stated to move towards the German lines. As soon as the British got close the machine guns ran out and death fallowed. The Finch were more successful but the didn't get far either. When it all ended The British lost about 420,000, French 200,000, Germans 465,000.

A Life Of Tennis Player

Forset Hill, NY-Helen Willis is mostly remembered because she is in the tennis hall of fame her nick named was Little Miss Poker Face."My feelings, as the last ball traveled over the net, and as I realized that the final match was mine, I cannot describe. I felt that here was a prize for all the games I had ever played". Helen Wills said this at her last match before she retied in 1938. This is her life:

The Wightman Cup is were Helen Willis Won 10 of these she was born on October 6, 1905 and died on Centerville, California and died January 1, 1998, Carmel, California. At age 13 she earned the 1912 Girls championship again in 1922. The next year she one her fist singles title at the age of 17. She was 7 time champion from 1923-25 1927-29 1931 and 8 time Wightman Cup from 1927-1930 1932-1933 1935 1938. She gradated form the University of California in 1927 and in 1928.

The Jazz KIng Of 1920s

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New Orleans, Louisiana- Louis Armstrong was one of the most famous jazz musician of the 1920s. He was born in New Orleans and was in a broken family he was sent to a boys home after firing a gun on New Year Eve there he got training to use the cornet. He was a student to Joe "King" Oliver one of the greatest cornet player. He later adopted his cousin son because she died in childbirth. He later replaced Oliver in Kid Ory. He stated to apper up everwhere at parties. He later went to New York he died on July 6, 1971 in Queens, New York.

The States

The Gilded Age State

California CA

Capital: Sacramento

The Golden State

There state motto is Eureka (“I have found it”) the 1906 earthquake to place in California on San Andreas fault. The Earthquake stated fires that burned for 3 whole days, it had killed 3,000 people died and so many people homeless.

Progressivism and Imperialism

Arkansas AR

Capitial: Little Rock

Nickname: The Natural State

The fist diamond near the Murfreesboro that started the diamond rush. It has park named Crater of Diamonds State Park. It also has newspaper named Murfreesbore Diamond that was probably named after the diamond was found.


New York NY

Capital: Albany

Nickname: The Empire State

New York City has many skyscrapers including: 40 Wall Street 70 stories, Chrysler Building 77 stories and Empire State Building 102 stories. Later the Largest building was the World Trade Center until 9/11.

The Roaring 20s

New Jersey NJ

Capital: Trenton

Nickname: The Garden State

The 1st center for motion pictures production- Champion Film Company began here. Thomas Edison Was also apart of this company. It later join Universal Studio in 1912.